Glasnows Time is NOW


Yesterday afternoon there was a battle between two really good pitchers. One being a former Cy Young Award winner in Chris Sale and pitching for the bad guys and the other being a man that has yet to pitch a full season in the big leagues yet. Surface value would say that the man with the better track record, one of the best pitchers in baseball the last few years to dominate the Tampa Bay Rays. The baseball gods were with that other man though, the one who has yet to pitch a full season in the big leagues yet. That man was Tyler Glasnow and he looks to be in the midst of a long awaited break out season.

Glasnow had been a prospect for a while in the Pittsburgh Pirates association and has always had the intangibles. Mid to high 90’s fastball, 12-6 curve-ball that he throws rather hard and a random change up here and there. His stuff is and has always been legit. However, it has taken a bit longer to put it all together and finally get everything to click this season and it has been beautiful to watch.

Coming over in the Chris Archer trade last year, that the Rays dominated by the way, with Austin Meadows who also has balled the fuck out this year, Glasnow was more of a wild card with more potential to pay off in the long run than a certified baller. Glasnow proved to the Rays that he was the latter and so far through six starts, has looked like more than a baller, but maybe even an early Cy Young candidate. After a bit of a scare in spring training this year, where Glasnow went 0-5 in five starts, threw 13 innings with 16 strike outs compared to eight walks. His ERA stood at 10.38 while his WHIP was at an even 2.00. I was nervous to say the least coming into the 2019 season but when you look at his career stats for Spring Training, he has never really done well as his career ERA sits at 7.71 through 49 career innings in the Spring. Talk about sketch.

Good thing there is an indication of then Spring Training ends and the regular season starts because if you didn’t tell Glasnow shit might have hit then fan. Through six starts, Glasnow has a 5-0 record through 36 innings, 38 strike outs to only seven walks with an ERA of 1.75 and a WHIP of .944. His walks per 9 lead the league with a 1.8 mark as do his five wins.

This shit is not a fluke. At the age of 25, Glasnow seems to have finally found his footing and gotten comfortable enough to succeed as a starter. There might be a bit of regression but there is a good chance if he is given at least 30 starts he might be ready to show the world what he has possessed all these years. Not trying to jinx the man, but imagine back to back Cy Youngs coming to Tampa Bay………… 🙂

JD Sig

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  1. Back to Back Cy Youngs would be wild! Glasnow is finally entering the prime of his career, and his hard work and lessons learned during the offseason/Spring Training is reflected in his astounding play. It’s always great to see a young buck achieving in a league now filled to the brim with talent. Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard, and Glasnow is proof that sweat and grit will get you further than innate ability!


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