GoT Episode 1 & 2 Recap



After two weeks of intense and emotional setup episodes, we are are ready for battle.  The Battle of Winterfell, that is.  Supposedly the longest on-screen battle in cinema history…  If that doesn’t get you hyped for Sunday night then I don’t know what will.  Episodes 1 and 2 of the final season of Game of Thrones were full of substance and enough emotional subject matter to make any decent man or woman shed a tear.  If you are telling me the Brienne of Tarth and Jamie scene didn’t get you feeling some type of way then I don’t know what to tell you other than you are not a human.


Episode 1 gave us some flashback symbolism as Jon and Dany strutted through the gates of Winterfell which closely related the opening scene of Robert and Cersei being welcomed by Ned and the Stark family in season 1.  The scene with Sam, Dany and Jorah was extremely well done as they found out they have multiple connections with one another.  Both good and bad.  Sam finds out Dany murdered his brother and father all while being thanked for bringing Jorah the gift of new life.  Sam’s reaction was spot on and helped sell the scene for what it was.  Bran then later tells Sam that it is time to tell Jon the truth about his parents and as an audience, we already knew this so this scene is short, sweet and also very well acted by both parties.

My favorite moment was when Tormund, Beric and Eddison came across a setting straight out of a horror movie as the Night King sent a message with hacked off arms and legs to form the spiral symbol to better express that they are all in deep, deep shit.  We are also now fully aware of Cersei’s plan as Euron brings her the Gold Company along with his “skills” in bed.  Not knowing she is already preggers, he tells her he is going to put a prince in her belly.  Part of me thinks she may take that idea and run with it.  Naming Jamie’s baby as Euron’s own?

Anyways, episode 2 was exactly what we needed before the shit show that is about to go down this next Sunday.  It was a gathering of all the characters that we have came to love over the past decade and showed us that this is the end for a lot of them.  And they know it.  Some spend the long night drinking and talking shit like Tormund, Jamie, Tyrion, Brienne, Pod and Davos.  While others just want to find some common fellowship like Sansa and Theon.  Arya took a different route and basically forced Gendry to give her more than just a dragon glass weapon…  Not sure I was ready to witness that and I am sure “Maisie Williams age” was the most popular google search the following day.  Also, Brienne is now a Knight, Jaimie is here to stay and Sansa and Dany are on the same page… kinda.

Sansa Dany GoT-thumb-700xauto-210397.jpg

Podrick blessed us with his sweet, sweet pipes and kicked off a really great fucking sequence as we listened to his song while revisiting all of our characters before the Night King’s timely entrance into Winterfell.

Now it is time.  The time for death.  The time for conclusions to be drawn and more questions to arise.  Jon has just told Dany the truth about his name and claim to the throne and shit is all set up and ready for The Battle of Winterfell.  Here we go.

Be nice to each other.

Nick Sig


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