Merry Times For Merrifield. Can Whit Catch Brett’s Record?


Toronto at Kansas City

Hitting streaks are pretty easy. I’ve done it before playing slow pitch softball. Might hold the record now that I think about it, or some old guy that’s been living out his glory days for 30 years might have me beat. I have more heart though.

Anyways, hitting streaks are legit hard as hell. That’s why, since 1900, there has only been a total of 46 streaks that have reached 30 or more games. That is not including the NL record* of 45 games set by Willie Keeler in 1896-1897. The reason for the asterisk is because I almost feel like life wasn’t life before 1900. It’s probably because I was born 100 years later, but I’m not even sure if Willie Keeler was a real guy or not. I want video proof.

The reason for this writing is because there is a guy out in Kansas City, who just signed a solid ticket for $16.25 million for the next four years. That man is Whit Merrifield and he has a current hitting streak of 27 games.

I feel bad writing about it because I don’t want to jinx it, but the man needs recognition. Merrifield started his career “late” in terms of age playing his first full season at 28 in 2017 and then went on to league the American League in steals with 34. In 2018, Merrifield led the league in steals AGAIN this time with 45 as well as leading the American League in hits with 192. Producing a WAR of 5.5 in 2018, he was tied with Aaron Judge for WAR and was ahead of guys like Paul Goldschmidt, Jose Altuve, Justin Turner, J.T Realmuto and Aaron Hicks. Just to put his talent into perspective.

With the Royals taking on the Tigers at 1PM Eastern on Sunday, look for Merrifield to challenge the legend George Brett’s club record of 30 games.

JD Sig

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