Pete Alonso Deserves to Stay With the Mets


Pete Alonso has hit .409/.458/.727 with one home run, seven RBI’s through 22 at bats this season. Those numbers are usually and should be good to keep a first base job early in the season with his competition, Dominic Smith, had only gotten ten at bats so far this year. Through just those numbers, you think he would be solidified as the starter for the rest of the season.

Except this is a man who still has years of service time to be accounted for. The team can gain a seventh year of control if they were to keep Alonso in the minors for less than 172 days. But there is a guy who the Mets gave a two year contract for $17 million last season. For all you geniuses out there, that means this is his last season with the Mets. M Meaning they probably feel obligated to play the man they already guaranteed $8.5 million to play in the 2019 season. That man is Todd Frazier. Frazier started the season on the 10 day injured list and is now due back pretty soon, they have not announced a definite date, and no one important (general manager or manager) has spoke upon the situation.

It’s no secret Pete Alonso can hit. It’s all he’s done for the past two seasons. Through Double-A and Triple-A of last season, Alonso slashed .285/.395/.579 with 36 home runs, 119 RBI’s and 92 runs through 132 games. Pretty impressive considering he only played in 132 games and still managed 36 bombs. During Spring Training was the same shit as he tore it up to a tune of .352/.387/.620– 1.086 OPS– with four home runs, 11 RBI’s and a total of 25 hits through 72 at bats. His 25 hits were second in all of baseball during the spring and his 1.086 OPS was 7th.

Alonso is one of Major League Baseball’s top prospects and SHOULD be with the big league club competing all season. The big question is, will he stay with the club when Frazier returns? If not, it will a classic case of absolute bullshit. Fernando Tatis Jr of the San Diego Padres has the same issue as Alonso, being one of the best 25 players on the roster but also with that annoying ass service time issue lingering over his head. What did the Padres do? They kept their best 25 players on their roster and Tatis is now starting for the big league club. Given, they do not have a player like Frazier who is guaranteed $8.5 million this season but still, they kept their word and are playing their best players they have no matter any bullshit attached.

This question will be answered this upcoming weekend or early next week. Best believe if Alonso is sent down, it will mean that us baseball fans will be robbed of seeing one of the better younger talents in baseball perform against the best of the best in the sport of baseball. Only time will tell. Stay tuned.

JD Sig


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