Pet Sematary


Pet Sematary of 1989 was hot garbage and that is extremely unfortunate considering the insane and vivid story that Stephen King told in the horrifying book.  The casting, acting, pace and direction of the original lacked creativity and was just flat out bad.  It is almost unwatchable and it makes you think why someone would take another crack at this thing.  In all honesty though, I am glad they did.  The original left such a bad taste in my mouth that there is no way this new telling could be any worse… right?

Pet Sematary comes out tonight, April 4th, and I am genuinely pumped to see how it turned out.  The trailer looks great and the overall feel of it seems to match up with the story telling of Stephen King himself.  Hopefully it doesn’t rely on shitty cat jump scares or fancy makeup to get the point across.  Coming out in theaters tonight, here are the official trailers for Pet Sematary, in case you were looking for something to see over the weekend.

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Nick Sig