DeGrom Extended, A Look At Some Not So Great Signings In the Past



Mets fans everywhere around the world finally have something to cheer and rejoice about. After many, many, many, MANY, bad years in the past with free agent signings, I will get to those in the coming paragraphs, the Mets finally make a great move.

The day after Mets stud Noah Sydergaard called out Mets ownership for not coming to an agreement with DeGrom, saying “I think they should pay the man already,” Brodie and buddies have manned up and gave the man what he deserves. DeGrom signed a five-year $137.5 million contract joining Justin Verlander and Chris Sale as aces who have earned their money this past week. Who’s picking up the check out of those three guys? Not me.

I don’t have to do too much diving into DeGroms career as I have in blog posts in the past when I was vouching for the man to win Cy Young and all the sports writers decided to read my shit and probably thought I was a genius. They listened. Last year, DeGrom won the NL Cy Young Award after leading the league in ERA (1.70), ERA+ (216), FIP-fielding independent pitching (1.99), and H/9 (.4) while also complying a WHIP of .912 and finishing with a 9.6 WAR. Sounds deserving to me.

  • Another little tid bit to think about is in the last week, there has been signings of Chris Sale ($160 mil), Mike Trout ($430 mil), Alex Bregman ($100 mil), Paul Goldschmidt ($130 mil), Justin Verlander ($66 mil), Blake Snell ($50 mil), Eloy Jimenez ($43 mil), Ryan Pressly ($17.5 mil) Brandon Lowe ($24 mil) and including DeGroms contract ($137.5 mil), let me remind you IN THE LAST WEEK, and with all those contracts added up it equals out to a committed $1,073,000,000 to TEN players! Just a thought to all you people out there trying to decide whether or not to put your child in football basketball or baseball, there’s your answer.

With DeGrom signed, it shows ownership finally has a clue as to how to build a team around players who are not at the tail end of their career and still have some juice left. Let’s take a quick look at some stupid signings the Mets have been known for in the past:

  • Jay Bruce (three years $39 million)
  • Jason Vargas (two years $16  million)
  • Todd Frazier (two years $17 million)
  • Anthony Swarzak (two years $14 million)
  • Francisco Rodriguez (three years $37 million)
  • Frank Francisco (two years $12 million)
  • Michael Cuddyer (two years $21 million)
  • Jason Bay (four-year $66 million)

I know I dove a little deep with the last four guys but they needed to be recognized. Just a quick reminder for you Met fans and non Met fans that the Mets track record has been pretty bad for the last 20 years. I’m not even including Yoenis Cespedes’ contract he signed for four years $110 million. Which could also be a sort of misstep by the Mets. The dude just can’t stay healthy he’s too jacked.

The Mets seem to be turning a corner here with signings of Jed Lowie this off-season, who is unfortunately hurt at the moment but the man can mash. Also including Jeurys Familia, Wilson Ramos and the blockbuster trade for Cano and Edwin Diaz. Not the mention dumping Anthony Swarzak and Jay Bruce. Now with the addition of Jacob DeGrom cementing himself in New York, the next question will be, who’s next to sign? Noah Syndergaard, Zack Wheeler, or Steven Matz?


JD Sig


  1. I’m telling you Justin, Brodie stepped into a meeting with the Mets’ Board of Directors, slapped his dick on the table and said “watch this motherfuckers” and flipped the team from the sorry sacks of shit they were last year to a real NL East contender in like 3-4 moves. John should be fucking excited that deGrom could get more than 10 wins this year.


    • Hahahahaha i know it ann sauce. I talked shit at first but the dude didn’t get enough credit for being a smart baseball mind. Gotta give him credit


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