Snell Snarles at Lowes Deal, Says “I’ll Take a Double Shot of What He Had”



He didn’t say that at all. Wish he would though.

I know I’ve missed some time on here and I apologize to the handful of people who look at this. I’m trying to get better. I thought i was perfect but I guess i am not.

Anyways, i also want to set out and make one more apology to fellow teammate of Brandon Lowe and current Ray Great Blake Snell that i did not mention his pay-day as well.

The man doesn’t need an introduction but he deserves it. Long time Tampa Bay Rays prospect turned into 2018 AL Cy Young Award Winner, Blake Snell, got a well deserved raise from his peasant like salary of 573,700 the Rays were going to pay him this upcoming season. Last Thursday, Snell and the Rays agreed on a 5 year $50 million contract. This is a win-win for both Snell and the Rays. The Rays bought this year, the next THREE seasons of arbitration AND his first year in free agency. It’s a beautiful thing for the fan base and the club itself to have almost a cornerstone to build around just like Longoria back in the day. That’s not even the best part of the deal. There are no club or player options so they’re kind of stuck together in this relationship but it does NOT include a no trade clause so if Snell rattles off 3-4 seasons of more Cy Young’s, the Rays can trade him elsewhere if they can’t afford him, which is more likely, or restructure a deal that will keep him in Tampa forever. Even after he passes away. I’m taking it that far.

So now the Rays have a super utility guy (the Rays favorite type of player) and their ace locked up for at least the next 4 years. Things could be looking worse in Tampa Bay so I’m a proud Tampa Bay Rays fan. Chest held high, pants tighter than ever and ready for those Stingrays in the Rays tank to start biting people (they debarb the stingrays , unfortuantely before they put them in the tank). If I lived in a perfect world, that would be it. For now, I’ll deal with the soft stingrays who probably aren’t happy to be taken out of their natural habitat that has a lot of room to roam to be put into a little, but beautifully crafted, tank that symbolizes the BEST baseball franchise to ever bless us with in the lovely place to live that is Tampa Bay.

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  1. Lotta young guns in Tampa ready to make a name for themselves! I like the utilitarian-style scouting they’re doing down there, picking up versatile, well-rounded players that are talented and coachable! A manager’s wet dream, honestly. I’m hoping to see a relatively deep playoff run for this team in the near future, but NYY and BOS still looks beastly for the next few years.


    • Well said. Just waiting for one of those two to fuck up and the Rays to swoop in like a hawk grabbing a field mouse. The Rays are known for these types of players starting with Ben Zobrist way back in like 2007-2008. Gotta love it.


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