Three Very Rich Men in Baseball. Can One Man Help a Team Reach the Playoffs?


What a crazy last few weeks in the world of baseball. First, we had the honor of Mr. Charlie Hustle himself, Manny Machado, sign with the San Diego Padres on a 10 year $300 million contract which the world was expecting. Next, we had a more of an “under the radar” type of deal, if you want to call it that, with the Rockies extending star third baseman, Nolan Arenado, to an eight year $260 million contract solidifying his presence in the high altitude in Colorado for the near future. Last, but definitely not least, we finally got lucky enough to see the circus end at the beginning of spring training with FORMER Nationals great Bryce Harper sign on with the Philadelphia Phillies on a massive 13 year $330 million contract. All deserving for the most part and I really do enjoy when players get their money. If you have ever played a sport, you know the grind. It’s a job whether you think of it like that or not, you dedicate your mind, body, and soul for the sport you love or want to play and you put your body and mind through a lot. There is nothing negative about a man getting paid besides he probably won’t give me any of that money. I’m cool with that, but let’s discuss these guys for a minute and when their first playoff appearance will be.

Manny Machado 

Some call him the grinders of all grinders, other call him a lazy piece of shit. I prefer to refer to him as a really good baseball player. At the time, Machado signed the biggest contract in American Sports History until Bryce came and shit on everyone, but it still goes to show you the type of player Machado is. Machado is only 26 years old. He has more money then I could ever dream about, unless I hit it big on some nice stocks, but until then he has money I and almost the rest of the world only dream about. The saddest thing about it is he is only a year and a few months older than me. For guys my age, we got to witness Machado’s career from the very beginning. Getting drafted third overall in the 2010 draft (Bryce was number one overall in the same draft) to making his debut only less than two years later at the age of 19 (same as Bryce) and then becoming a full-time starter at the age of 20. On top of that, leading the American League with 51 doubles. So is Machado past his prime? or right smack in the middle? Or does he still have many productive years left? Who knows.

What we do know is that Machado has an opt out clause after his 2023 season if he isn’t feelin the West Coast anymore. We also know that Machado is joining a young San Diego club, for the most part, with some interesting pieces to go along with Machado at third. Former Ray great Wil Myers is manning one of the three outfield spots with the Padres other big market signing last off-season in Eric Hosmer at first. Hunter Renfroe still has yet to put his power potential on full display but he has the bomb potential to finally put something together. Second Baseman Luis Urias, who is now I suppose moving to short stop with the signing of Ian Kinsler, is another guy who was brought up later in the year last year who can do a lot for the Padres. Franmil Reyes, a guy who looked to put it all together with hitting for average to go along with his power potential, could really be something if the Padres give him the opportunity out of spring training to start right away. That is a guy, for all you who play fantasy baseball, who could be a huge sleeper this season. The Padres have great depth in the field but the biggest question mark is their pitching.

You would think that a team that plays half of their games in one of the worst hitting parks in all of baseball would load up on pitching and work around that, obviously the Padres have something else in mind. Their pitching will hold them back, whether it be two years or more, that will be their biggest problem. They do have Dinelson Lamet, who underwent Tommy John last year and most likely will be coming back later in the year and Joey Lucchesi to hold it down, but that’s not enough. Former first round pick Mackenzie Gore is still young, but if he performs to his potential, he could help them out in three years. They do, however, have one of the top three prospects in all of baseball in Fernando Tatis Jr. who could make an immediate impact and maybe could be what they need to propel themselves a bit further. If they can prove that is the only thing they’re missing, who knows, it could attract a few big fish to swim on over to the West Coast.

Playoff prediction 3 years

Nolan Arenado

You know Arenado is hype about staying in Colorado the next eight years. One the man gets to look at mountains when he isn’t honing his craft at the park and most importantly, he gets to get all the legal buds he can get his $260 million hands on. You know that played into his decision. Another thing is he gets to hit in baseballs most hitter friendly park that sits at 5,200 feet in the thin air. Arenado’s contract was an eight year deal worth $260 million with a player opt out clause set after the 2021 season. Arenado has been in the league six years and has these accolades on his resume ALREADY:

  • 6 time Gold Glove award winner
  • 4 time All-Star
  • 4 time Silver Slugger
  • 2 time Platinum Glove award winner (Leagues best all around fielder)

I think his annual salary of $35 million after the 2019 is very much deserving. On top of that, respectively, Arenado has finished 5th in 2016, 4th in 2017, and 3rd in the 2018 season for the MVP award. Based on these consistent numbers and the ability to predict the future, I’m thinking there’s a huge chance for that 2020 MVP award. The offensive numbers cannot be ignored. Since 2015, his numbers are averaged out to this:

Triple Slash- .296/.358/.573

Home runs– 39.5, RBI– 96.5, Runs– 104.25, Hits- 180.25, WAR- 6.3

He’s worth every cent he is being paid. The dude can fucking mash and plays third like the great wall of China. Impenetrable. Unless you are Mongolian and can get through the wall (South Park Reference). You can’t ask for more from a player than what Arenado gives you every single time he starts a game.

The Rockies are usually the same every year. Hitting is always ranking near the top of the league while the pitching is always suffering. Luckily, the Rockies actually have themselves an ace in left hander Kyle Freeland to build around and hope to develop more pitchers just like him. Their staff ranked 20th in ERA in the league coming in at 4.33 but you have to look at it as they play half of their games at 5,200 feet in the air. The ball will fly but it shows that the Rockies have a very competent pitching staff. Wade Davis had a bit of a down year last season but still led the league in saves and games finished. There is potential. If the Rockies pitching could hold up, they would have no problem making the post season but every year they seem to fall short. This year will most likely be no different. They could always surprise though so I’m not putting it past them to totally call me a fucking idiot with this prediction. Better shot than the Padres.

Playoff prediction 2 years

Bryce Harper

This guy. One of baseballs more prominent figures, Harper waited, and waited, and waited, and sacrificed $45 million a year from the Dodgers for three years, to sign long-term (13 fucking years) with the Philadelphia Phillies for $330 million. Some say he is an idiot, others consider him Phillies savior of some sorts. One of the craziest things about Harpers contract is that he DEMANDED a no trade clause. As in he is STUCK in Philly through the good and bad. Many people questioned Harpers character and how he has been going about this whole process, the way he did played Washington, but during his press conference introducing him as a Philly, Harper sounded like a motivated genuinely honest person about putting the Phillies on the map again. Even extending a DM to Le’Veon Bell encouraging him to think about playing for the Eagles. You can’t blame the guy for trying but he also extended and invite, and has been very vocal about it, to a guy, a very special guy, who happens to be from Philadelphia and will become a free agent after the 2020 season. You know who I’m talking about? If not, he plays for the Angels and is pretty decent at baseball. Some call it tampering to some degree, I call it shooting his shot. Shooters shoot.

If you don’t know by now, Bryce is 26 years old and has already been in the league seven years. For all the math wizzes out there, that means he was at the young, vulnerable age of 19 when he entered the big leagues and won Rookie of the Year that same year playing in 139 games. When you have a triple slash of .270/.340/.477 with 22 home runs, 98 runs, 18 stolen bases, it’s hard to go up from there. Remember, 19 years old he did this shit. At 19 I was stressing trying to put on weight to my frail little body and this man was fucking up big league pitching. Hate to think about it but you have got to put it in perspective to understand how talented this young man is. Harper was hampered by injuries the next two seasons but was obviously productive while on the field and then during his age 22 season, Harper showed the potential he was given at the age of 16 and put it on full display. Harper won MVP, hitting an absurd .330/.460/.649– 1.109 OPS with 42 home runs, 99 RBI’s, 118 runs and 124 walks. Harper led the league in home runs, runs, on base percentage, OPS, and OPS+. This was at the age of 22 BTW. The point is he is a special talent. Obviously. He deserved the money and will now be eligible to be the second best outfielder in the National League East once again as the arrival of my boy, Ronald Acuna Jr, is here and he is here to stay and dominate.

The Phillies have improved a lot with the addition of Bryce. Although it is only one guy, he makes the lineup that much better. The Phillies went out and snagged Andrew McCutchen, Jean Segura, David Robertson, AND J.T. Realmuto. When you think about it, you see why Harper waited so long to sign. He wanted to make sure the pieces were in place and once that happened, it was go time. The Phillies have a Cy Young candidate Aaron Nola, who my boy, Eric Eazy Hanhold, outdueled in college when he pitched for the Florida Gators and Nola was with LSU. Side note—— Eric Hanhold is still with the New York Mets making his way up in that bullpen don’t forget about that man. Anyways, with a vastly improved lineup, the Phillies have a legit shot to be second in the NL East again. The Mets are also knocking on the door with the Phillies but I don’t think the Braves will let them in. Unless they bring snacks, beer, and other essentials. Till then, fuck em. On a serious not, the Phillies are legit again. Gabe Kapler might have his job saved after some highly questionable moves last year. Now he can just sit back, relax, and watch his boys play baseball. The window for the Phillies could be longer than I want, but they are good. Bryce did well.

Playoff prediction- One year

Just the three of those players made up $890 million on the market this off-season. If you want to include Patrick Corbin’s signing with the Nationals, which was for $140 million, that pushes the total to $1.03 BILLION. That’s a B ladies and gentleman. Now you understand why the market has been kind of dried up these last few years and it’s because teams have been saving for franchise cornerstones. Kind of the like Toby Hall was with the Devil Rays back in the day, but it’s tough to shovel out a fuck ton of money to everyone when you spend the amount you do on only ONE player. All in all, this season is shaping up to be a great one. What do you guys think of these signings? Thank you.

PS- Eric Hanhold is a beast. Keep his name in mind. Also, Joey Krehbiel and Taylor Clarke of the Diamondbacks, both ballers. Check em out.

JD Sig


  1. Baseball money is so crazy nowadays! While I think these men are worthy of getting paid, I expect them to be worth that money. While I think Arenado and Harper will be effective on their new teams immediately, Machado kinda rubs me the wrong way (laziness in his last days in Baltimore, underperforming in LAD). Some players don’t feel the need to try when the money’s already guaranteed. But overall, I think all of your predictions are spot-on!


    • As you know it is tough to be the same dominant player for 8+ years. Teams pay for the players prime years in my opinion and hope for the best after that. If they win one or two World Series, which is the ultimate goal, it is already a great contract. Time will tell if these contracts end up being worth it or not.


    • Machado is definitely the biggest wild card of the group. The Padres have been a random team for a while now so maybe he is hoping he could be some sort of trend setter with people moving over to San Diego. Who knows man but I do agree with Machado being the biggest sketchball of the group.


      • Honestly, I’d be impressed if the Padres won their division, especially competing with great teams like Colorado and LAD. But personally, I don’t see them ever making it to the World Series (Losing NLCS being the best case scenario).


      • I agree! they need to improve on a lot of fronts. For now, most likely a third place finish.


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