Did David Irving Have a Point About the NFL?


I’m sure this video has made it’s rounds to mostly everyone that is a football guy. Even being a football guy’s guy you probably saw it too. If not, let’s see what former Cowboy great David Irving is up too…..


Couldn’t find the damn original video but thank you to the New York Post for helping my technologically deficient self get the video on here. If you haven’t seen this video, please click the link. Very worth it.

For those of you that don’t know David Irving, he is a freak of nature as he stands 6’7 and weighs 290 pounds.  He’s athletic as hell and plays great football when he isn’t smoking blunts on a social media platform. The dude has had many, MANY, issues staying “clean” and not being suspended for something stupid and seems to finally have called it quits.

The Cowboys took a risk and kept with him since 2015 and he finally started to show signs of life in 2017 playing in eight games and registering seven sacks. The man just couldn’t keep it together. Irving has been suspended three separate times in THREE years by the NFL for substance abuse policy. I wonder what he keeps getting suspended for?

If you listen to the video, he has a point. Could he have gone about it in a different way? Yes. But, he felt this was the way to do it so I will accept it. The NFL is way too strict on their drug policies. I also understand that it is a company and a company has rules. EXCEPT, They feed you pain pills that are no good for your body and could fuck you up for many years to come. Let alone, get addicted too. It subsides the pain, yes, but it is NOT organic like medical marijuana is and could give cause long-term effects for years to come after the athletes playing days. Marijuana is something that these sports strongly need to consider adapting into their drug programs. I’m sure every sport has a deal with some big company we don’t know about, providing these pills to these athletes and athletes will do anything do give their body rest after pushing their bodies to the limit. It’s a very strange system that does not get enough attention. Granted, there is a Players Association and they do vouch for different policies, but owners and General Managers shoot it down, give them money and tell them to hush. This is something that hopefully, as we advance as a society, will be looked at closer and will even have research to back it up.

Instead of going home, smoking a joint, relaxing, letting your body unwind and gain pain relief naturally, these teams will give their players a Xanax or whatever the fuck pain pills they give them and send em home. Guess what? Since these things are so damn strong, what do you think will happen the next time a player gets hurt? He’s going to reach into the pill bottle, grab one, and go about his day. Next thing you know, the man has been taking hydrocodone for five years not even realizing what it’s doing to his body and his mind. What’s going to happen after his career is over? When he’s not doing shit except relaxing and his body hurts? Instead of grabbing some weed and rolling a joint, he’s going to go back to that pill bottle because that’s what he was given from “professionals” and he knows that will cure him. Who knows what could happen next. He could drive and hurt someone. Go to a bar and a have two beers and next thing you know thinks he can drive but forgot about that Xanny he took in the morning and gets in a car wreck. Sorry I had to take it there but you have to think.

I understand marijuana is addicting to some degree, but it is nothing like opioid addiction. You see people who have been smoking pot for 30-40 years and they have absolutely no health issues from the marijuana. Could someone take an opioid for 30-40 years and have no health issues? Doubtful, but it’s possible. I have no clue what that addiction is like, but I do know that it kills people. For anyone interested, take a look at this page and scroll to the bottom and see the increase in deaths from opioids in the last 20 years:


Unreal. Here’s the chart for marijuana related death:

(I can’t find any)
It really doesn’t take a genius to sit back and take a minute and consider what these athletes take for their pain. I know a lot of you guys will think “who cares they make a shit ton of money why should we care” Well, because the world needs to advance and stop being stubborn and ignorant to the fact that this shit isn’t good for a human. I understand that some people generally need it to survive and those people probably do need it. That’s fine and understandable. But if there is another alternative, which is safer and healthier, why not give it a chance? Why not let the ATHLETE have a say into what he wants to go into his body to help replenish themselves? Let the ATHLETE dictate what works for him specifically and not feed everyone that same shit? Who knows, what I do know is that hopefully David Irving opened some eyes to a different point of view to this conversation instead of him smoking a phatty on his Instagram live, or whatever he was on, and going out with a BANG. Who do you know that quit or “retired” from his job smoking one and ripping the company he worked for? Dudes got balls. I hope David Irving finds peace and happiness in this next chapter in his life. BUT, if he ever gets reinstated to come play for the Cowboys. Thank you.

JD Sig


  1. First off, I wanted to let you know that I think you’re hilarious and love your writing! But I honestly think he poses a very valid point. The US opioid pandemic is the worst it has ever been, and Big Pharma is STILL pushing their “medicine” onto people knowing that it’s harmful (NFL is also a jackpot for huge sales). What about teams that play in states where marijuana is legal? Are they held to the same standard? Maybe instead of chastising a ton of players getting in trouble for the same thing, the NFL should invest more time and research ($) on the potential health benefits of the players’ preferred drugs. It could lead to breakthroughs not only for NFL players, but athletes on a global scale.


    • I really appreciate that Kevin! I love your insight as well on all topics and subjects. You said it perfect with the NFL being a huge source of revenue to any huge pharmacy company partnering up with one of the major sports (sources of entertainment as well) in America. I agree! the NFL has a huge opportunity to use the research tools we have in modern day technology to investigate the GOOD and not the BAD of marijuana. Love the thought on the macro level instead of micro. Lots of potential for kind of swinging the pendulum in society to show that there are legit health benefits from THC and CBD. The government makes too much damn money and this world is revolved around the dollar so unfortunately it probably wont be a while until a change happens. I am encouraged by how the world is evolving and kind of looking towards a healthier future. Lets hope.


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