Steel City a Little Less Durable

brown n bell

It was fun while it lasted.

Yesterday Antonio Brown said his goodbyes via Twitter to the city of Pittsburgh. What a wild ride he had, both good and bad. The good obviously with him earning himself seven Pro Bowl appearances and earning All-Pro honors four times. Not many people are in that same company especially with Brown being drafted 195th OVERALL and having 21 wide receivers picked before him. Maybe he had a chip on his shoulder or just was somehow over looked. either way the guy balled the fuck out and made sure everyone knew his name.

Of course the bad is that he has quite the personality. Both good and bad however you look at it. He doesn’t take shit from anyone, he knows his worth and let’s you know straight up. Then you get the Pre-Madonna attitude with it. For a man of his caliber, you learn to put up with it and let the man do him. Just like the Steelers have done with him and Running back Le’veon Bell.

The writing has been on the wall for years with these two. They couldn’t please them with money, couldn’t please them with words, and in the end, nothing was enough. Did the Steelers handle the situation well? Not really. From an outsiders perspective, you understand that football is a business. You pay the man or men that have helped you get to the point you’re at. In this case, Le’Veon and Antonio have done that PLUS some. These are arguably two of the best position players in the NFL and for some reason they could not win. Who knows if the chemistry was never there with Big Ben or some other personal reason, but the Steelers did not want to build a team around these two after not winning for many years and have almost kicked them to the curb without saying “fuck off.” Le’Veon and Antonio DID deserve the money but are they worth the headache year in and year out?

I could get into a little more in-depth by talking about Mike Tomlin and everything how he has contributed good and bad but I’m going to leave it at surface value. For what it’s worth, it doesn’t matter if they’re worth the headache or not because there will be a team that will pay him and he WILL get his money. Le’Veon has been gone but it seems to be official with Brown as he too is out the door. Let the rumors begin. The Cowboys could always use a number one wide receiver…. just saying. Thank you.

JD Sig


  1. AB is gonna be a beast no matter where he goes, but I’d like to see him play for an ACTUAL contender. Incorporating him into a high powered offensive system could mean trouble for the entire league (Kansas City, LAR, even the newly-rejuvenated Browns could be great destinations).


    • That is well said. I agree, weather adding him to a team that needs to open up the field more (ala Cowboys signing Amari Cooper to complement Zeke) I think would do wonders. When teams put 8 guys in the box for the running back it creates man to man in the backfield or at least one spy so someone is man to man and if that’s the case for AB, that could be a fantasy legend in the waiting. Wish the Cowboys would think about it…..


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