Kareem to the Brownies


Welp, that didn’t take long.  John Dorsey, who drafted Kareem Hunt in 2017 to the Chiefs, decided that he was worthy of a second chance and has signed him to join Nick Chubb in the backfield for the Cleveland Browns.  It was only a matter of time before someone pulled the trigger on Hunt, but I must say I did not expect it to be the Brownies.  Although I see why Dorsey felt this was a necessary move to make.

Now as a Browns fan, I have mixed feelings.  My first initial reaction was confusion because of the way Nick Chubb showed out in his rookie year, and with Duke Johnson returning, there was no need for another RB.  Then I figured that this couldn’t possibly hurt the Browns… Could it?  I mean other than the PR attention, there is not much negative consequences of signing one of the leagues best backs right?

In a sense, this could just add on to an already impressive offensive roster and give them a much needed push to help Baker take this team to the next level.  They are clearly looking at a serious chance to push for the playoffs in 2019 and this just signifies that they are not messing around.  Very refreshing for us Browns fans that have grown accustomed to making no real effort in signing elite talent throughout the past.

The video that led to his release was very disappointing and it is hard to wrap my head around what the fuck was going thru his head that night, but I do know that he is very young and has time to learn from his mistakes.  I do believe in second chances and I think he has the opportunity to make the most out of this one.  Just don’t put your hands on women like that or you will lose everything you have and everything you have worked for.  That simple…

I am curious to see how this plays out in reality and in fantasy… Nick Chubb was a potential top pick in this next year’s fantasy drafts, but with Kareem Hunt crowding up the backfield once again, what are we to make of it?  I find it hard to believe that they will just hand Kareem the keys and say go.  Chubb looked way to good last year to ignore him in the games to come.

Stay tuned for any updates and be nice to each other.

Nick Sig

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