Lindor Hardest Working Shortstop or Most Injury Prone?



Some scary news Friday in the world of baseball that one of baseball’s best young super stars might miss opening day.

Cleveland Indians shortstop, Francisco Lindor, strained his calf during an off-season workout and is now out 7-9 weeks. Not to mention opening day is in 7-8 weeks.

This could fuck up a lot of fantasy baseball drafts this year. Lindor is the top choice at shortstop on a lot of people’s boards this year. Mine is as follows: (not that you care)

5. Trea Turner

4. Trevor Story

3. Manny Machado (if he qualifies)

2. Javier Baez (if he qualifies)

1. Francisco Lindor

With Jean Segura at 6 and Carlos Correa at 7. I think of Javy Baez as a 2nd baseman and I think that’s because when he came up, that’s where he mostly played. If Machado stole more bases, he would probably be in front of both Lindor and Baez but all three are interchangeable. All three have legit cannons, range like no other, and can fuckin rake. Trevor story on the other hand is breathing down their necks and could end up changing that order if he repeats his 2018.

Shortstop used to be one of the weaker positions in baseball a few years ago, and then these studs all showed up and took over. It’s a beautiful to see with the depth at that position nowadays that we used to have Derek Jeter, Alex Rodriguez, Miguel Tejada, Nomar Garciaparra (spelled it right) and some others. In the past 20-25 yrs, this is the best crop of shortstops we have seen in a looooong time.

As for Lindor, we wish you a speedy recovery and get back on the field ASAP Rocky. The good thing is his body will be more rested than most since he doesn’t have to bullshit around at Spring Training. I’m sure he’s pumped about that. So if you can get back in great shape and feel great i would appreciate it so i can draft you early on. Please. Thank you.

JD Sig


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