Are You Feeling Injured?


What list do you think Kevin Ware would have made it on? The injured or disabled list?

Major changes in the world of Major League Baseball happened on Thursday. Not just about what COULD happen but this is official news.

On Thursday, the game of baseball will be changed forever. The elegant beautiful name of the “disabled list” will be vanquished. Gone. Maybe never to be back. But don’t worry, Major League Baseball will make it feel right again.

Never again will a player feel disrespected. Never again will a player feel “disabled” when he’s hurt. Never ever will a player have to use the handicap sign in his car anymore.

Baseball has renamed the disabled list to the “injured” list. It’s a beautiful thing to be alive in this world we live in. We can now say we grew up during the glory days of baseball. The days baseball changed forever and man does it feel great.

You thought baseball was boring? Think again because baseball is BACK!

JD Sig

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