Major League Baseball Rule Change Has Legs and Hunter Pence Gains Life Again


With baseball so consumed in the J.T Realmuto sweepstakes, a couple other things were happening in the baseball world. First, let’s start with one of baseball’s weirdest players getting signed to a minor league contract with the Texas Rangers. Who might the weirdo be? Hunter Pence baby. The most unorthodox baseball players baseball has seen in a while.

Pence was once a middle of the lineup staple in right field during his prime years in baseball. Starting out in Houston with the Astros before a stint with the Phillies and then switching over to the Bay with the Giants where he won two World Series and had two very good seasons. Pence has had ol’ father time catch up to him and hasn’t looked like the same player we once saw become an every year threat to do 25-25 every year. It is a minor league contract so nothing is guaranteed besides his invitation to spring training.

Moving off of that little tid bit. Major League Baseball and it’s players union are currently discussing major rule changes for this upcoming season in 2019. Some of the rules getting discussed are:

  • Three batter minimum for pitchers
  • Universal DH
  • A single trade deadline BEFORE the All-Star break
  • 20 second pitch clock
  • Expansion of roster to 26 men and a 12 pitcher maximum
  • Study to lower the mound

Thank you to ESPN’s Jeff Passan for the information. I really appreciate that man so much. But yes those are amongst some of the changes being discussed and the ones I feel actually have some traction to be implemented in the near future. Not that my opinion matters, but maybe you have a different opinion and would like to discuss. Here’s my take on some of them.

Three Batter Minimum for Pitchers- This would be kind of crazy. It would distinguish a role that a man makes a living off of; the left-handed specialist. These guys that come in for one or two batters to change it up a bit a give a different look to, most commonly, a lefty hitter. The LOOGY (left handed one out guy) might finally become extinct. Unfortunately, guys like Boone Logan, Randy Choate, Marc Rzepczynski all will be forgotten. So sad. The emergence of guys like Josh Hader is the new form of super reliever where he kills it against lefties, but can get any right-handed bat out at anytime. This would be a game changer. Literally.

Universal DH- This gets discussed every year if not every other year. Eventually, it’s going to happen. Either they experiment it for a season and do away with it, or implement it full-time. In my opinion, they should just try it this season or next and if the league gives a negative response, put it away for a few years and let the league develop. I don’t think they will do it this year, but at least in the next 3 years. Pitchers don’t really need to hit.

A Single Trade Deadline BEFORE the All-Star Break: It’s whatever to me. It would force teams to be more agro during the off-season because it wouldn’t allow teams to evaluate the player over 100 games or so. With the trade deadline set on July 31st, it gives teams up until August 31st to evaluate if they pass through waivers.

20 Second Pitch Clock- Jeff Passan said he thinks there is a strong chance of this happening this season. It’s kind of inevitable as MLB is obsessed with change of pace with more kids and people having ADD not being able to sit and watch a 2.5 hour game. Baseball gets boring and I understand that but fans will watch no matter what. I’m okay with it as it does nothing except speed the game up.

Expansion of Rosters to 26 men and 12 Pitcher Max Expanding rosters by one more player and setting up a max of pitchers wouldn’t be a bad idea and I don’t think it would hurt anything in baseball at the moment. If anything it gives more guys more chances to play in the big leagues and keep them their for experience. Fuck ya.

Study to Lower the Mound- Whatever the scientists and evaluators want to do with me is fine.

If it were up to me, I think they should put a picture of Jason Pierre Paul’s hand on the jumbo tron every 7th inning stretch to get the crowd going with DJ Kitty on the turntables making the place rock. That’s just me. They Major League Baseball, should hire me as I am available. On that note, commissioner Rob Manfred, will you hire me? Thanks, Love Justin.

P.S. I want to give a shout out to my main anime and ESO Legend commander Brandon Rex. Yes, you have come a long way in this life but keep persevering.

JD Sig

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