How Fly 2? Nostalgia at it’s Finest


Think back to the year 2009 and imagine bumpin How Fly for the first time.  If you didn’t smoke, this tape made you want to.  Arguably one the greatest mixtapes of all time, How Fly gave us a legendary collaboration and an everlasting masterpiece.  

Of course we wanted a How Fly 2.  Who wouldn’t?  The hype has been building and Wiz and Spitta have teased us more than a few times.  What we eventually found out is that we would see a follow up to How Fly, but under the appropriate name of 2009.

Personally I could care less what it was called as long as they did a full tape together and it blessed us with that same vibe and perhaps some nostalgia.

That’s exactly what they did.  2009 was just released on all platforms today and I have already been thru the whole tape 3 times.  You can tell they have been perfecting this for years and it has paid off in a big way.  


This is How Fly on steroids.  They showcase that old 2009 flow over some fresh 2019 production.  As of now my favorite track is Benz Boys but I know for a fact my favorite will change daily.

You can find it pretty much anywhere so give it a listen and let us know if it is what you expected, worse or even better.  This very well could be equally a classic along side the original How Fly if you ask me.

Be nice to each other.

Nick Sig


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