Is Anyone On the Mets Wagenen?

big smile brod

Look at that smile. As you know, if you pay attention to the baseball off-season, the Mets have made big moves this off-season. First with the acquisitions of Edwin Diaz and Robinson Cano via trade. Then filing the holes in the bullpen with signing Jeurys Familia, Justin Wilson, and Luis Avilan. AKA useful pieces to a Major League Bullpen instead of signing Anthony Swarzak and Jerry Blevins. But that’s beside the point. Finally filled the hole at catcher with the signing of free agent Wilson Ramos. Not to mention the potential in Keon Broxton after the Mets added him via trade with the Brewers. One of the most underrated pick ups in the off-season, in my opinion, Jed Lowrie will also be part of the Mets infield somewhere.

The strangest part of everything is this is the complete opposite take on the Mets. The Mets are known for great free agent signings of old veterans to hold over the position until they keel over themselves.

I respect all baseball players, but signing Todd Frazier, Anthony Swarzak, and Jay Bruce to contracts while they’re on the back-end of their career makes no sense to me. My dad will say “they’re just there to hold the position over until they can get someone else” but guess what, if fuckin Todd Frazier wasn’t resigned we could have gotten a whole season out of Jeff McNeil and the dude can hit. If they don’t resign Anthony Swarzak, we get to see the next great Met Eric Hanhold ball the fuck out just like he will be doing here in the near future.

This Brodie guy though. He seems to have his shit together. He’s a pretty handsome man as well himself but he took a lot of shit coming into this off-season as being a super agent type of guy before he became the super GM type of guy he is now.

I’ve said it since they hired him. He’s in a great position to sign players and negotiate with General Managers. Why? Because he has been negotiating with GM’s his while career of being an agent. He knows what he needs to say to keep them listening and when to shut up. He has a relationship with most of these guys AND now since he can’t be Jacob DeGrom’s agent and other guys, he can just bully the little minion he picked to become their new agent. Is that agent gonna try to negotiate with their OLD boss who just so happens to be their boss AGAIN? Hell no. This is Brodies world and we are all living in it. Good for him.

Brodie really has done a great job. Dumping the contracts of Swarzak and Bruce was HUUUUGE. Bruce was making $13 million a year this year and next. Swarzak was $7 million for this year as well. Not a good look for a team in need of freeing up some money with guys with Jacob DeGrom and Noah Syndegaard ready to hit free agency. Can’t forget about Zack Wheeler either who seemed to have figured it out at the end of last year.

Brodie has moved some pieces and picked up others and seems to be solving the puzzle pretty well. In my opinion, signing Wilson Ramos was a big dick move on finally solidifying a position Travis D’arnaud was given the past five years but couldn’t quite put it all together. He can’t really afford to miss a step with the reigning NL East Champions Atlanta Braves breathing down their neck and Josh Donaldson ready to talk shit from third base to the Mets dugout. All in all, the Mets seem to finally look ready to compete with the Braves for the NL East Title. Key word was compete. Definitely not beat. Thank you.

JD Sig


  1. Pretty interesting to see a new GM (new to the job, too) come in and basically flip the team around to make them a legit competitor in the NL East compared to the joke of a team they were last year and it didn’t even take a whole lot to make it happen. Kind of makes you wonder what the fuck Sandy was doing…


    • Preach. Very confusing situation. Makes no sense how you could make a team that bad with moves so illogical as the ones he made. Past is the past thankfully but never forget jason vargas trade.

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