Did the Man Himself, Jerry Jones, Just Stumble Upon Common Sense?


How’s everyone Friday going? Hoping for a beautiful and lovely day for everyone out there. Also, that picture of Jerry Jones is all-time. Thank you South Park.

Yesterday the Dallas Cowboys (Jerry Jones) promoted former QB’s coach Kellen Moore to Offensive Coordinator while plucking another former quarterback, Jon Kitna, out of the High School circuit to be the QB coach of the Dallas Cowboys. Perhaps the BIGGEST news of all is Jerry did not extend head coach Jason Garrett in his contract year.

This is huuuuuge news. For the past three seasons it seems like, Jason Garrett is throw into the rumor mill about losing his job. To tell the truth, coming from a Cowboys fan, he probably should have been let go after his THIRD, yes, THIRD 8-8 season in a row! It’s not as bad as Hue Jacksons great three year tenure in Cleveland but holy shit dude you should have been gone along time ago.

The reasoning for keeping Garrett around is simple. Underneath Garretts cute little outfit he is wearing that day, are four sets of strings. Two connect to his legs and two to his arms. And there is this really rich old guy sitting up in the booth controlling everything. He even writes him a script in the morning, probably through text, just incase anyone asks him questions he’s not too sure of he can just pull out that handy dandy phone device and refer to that if shit starts to go south. Wouldn’t you want to keep around a guy all the time that you could control? I would. Never opposes anything you say, listens to you, will do anything you say. You know, a puppet almost.

Well, he did “lead” the Cowboys to a NFC Championship game so we will let him have that. Kellen Moore getting promoted to fully take control of the offense is a little bit scary. He’s a young, smart dude and has been highly respected by the Cowboys staff after taking over QB’s coach duties last season but you have to get a little nervous about a dude that has never had complete control before. He will have some veteran help with Kitna breathing down his neck, but Kitna hasn’t coached above high school since retiring in 2012. You see where shit is getting a little scary? Two dudes without a lot of experience is a scary situation. Hopefully they can pull something out of their ass. I do know it is better than the last Offensive Coordinator, Scott Linehan, who was as predictable as they come.

With a running back like Ezekiel Elliot, a quarterback like Dak Prescott, and a wide receiver like Amari Cooper, hopefully Kellen Moore and the rest of em can take a clue and play to our strengths. That is getting Zeke into the open field more often, maybe some screens with a couple TE’s blocking in front of him. Open up the field more for Amari and let fucking Dak Prescott go back to what made him a decently good quarterback and let him scramble around and make some fuckin plays. Why am I the one with these ideas? I’m not sure. Take notes, go Cowboys, and most importantly, Thank you.

JD Sig

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