Welcome Back to The Twilight Zone


Jordan Peele is executing on things no one else can for some reason as he is bringing the swag back to horror and the sub-genres of horror.  Not only has he broke into his very own niche with films like Get Out and Us, he is rebooting the fucking Twilight Zone.  Do you know how many people have thought about doing this?  Jordan Peele is the right mind for this project as he has the confidence and the momentum to make this reboot stand on it’s own and become something amazing.


It’s going to be fun to see how this all comes together, and we won’t have to wait long as they just broke the news that we will be seeing this air on CBS All Access this April.  Jordan Peele’s Monkeypaw Productions will be at the head of all of this, but there are some other very good names attached as well, such as Adam Scott, Taissa Farmiga, John Cho, Greg Kinnear, Kumail Nanjiani and a whole lot more. Not one, but two episodes will be premiered on the night of April 1st.

Be nice to each other.

Nick Sig

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