No One Wants the Moose?


I have never had moose before so I’m not too sure if it tastes good or not. According to MLB owners, they are not fans. For the second off-season in a row, third baseman/second baseman Mike Moustakas is a free agent with two weeks until Spring Training starts.

This still confuses me. “Moose” is a two-time all-star, an established middle of the order threat, and even moved over to second base last season with the Milwaukee Brewers to further utilize himself and help the team out. The big adjustment did not do anything to his production on the field as he still ended his season with a triple slash of .251/.315/.459– .774 OPS along with 28 home runs, 95 RBI’s, 33 doubles and a WAR of 2.5 for the 2018 season.

Moustakas had a hell of a year in 2017, which was supposed to be his walk year after the Kansas City Royals drafted him second overall in the 2007 draft. The reason for the word “supposed” is because the Royals ended up signing him back for a one year contract only to be dealt to the Brewers at the trade deadline. Moustakas’s 2017 ended with a triple slash of .272/.314/.521– .835 OPS with 38 bombs, 85 RBI’s, 24 doubles and a WAR of 1.8.

Moose could definitely up his value by taking a few more pitches and generating some more walks. Most power hitters are selective to a point where they know which pitch they can hit out of the park and they wait. Moose is a little bit more aggressive at the plate but the man knows what he wants so we will leave him alone. Just think about taking a few more pitches, getting that OBP up to the .340-.350 range and his OPS (on base plus slugging) will be hovering around .850-.875 moving him more towards the upper echelon on third baseman.

The Major League average for OPS in 2018 was .728. A far cry from .750 as the league average in 2017. Most likely showing the league is more geared for bombs and home runs rather than gap to gap hitters who get on base as well as hit fuckin ropes in the gap. Whatever though.

As we enter January 30th, Moose is still without a team. Puzzles my brain and I (we’re different) that a dude who can play third and second and is a middle of the order threat is getting shunned for the second off-season in a row. I understand that Moose hunting season is on September 14th and the week of October 12th-19th, but c’mon guys, he’s not that bad.

BTW, reliever Greg Holland signed with the Diamondbacks, infielder Neil Walker got himself a contract to the Miami Marlins and reliever Shawn Kelley also has a job now with the Texas Rangers. Best of luck to those guys. Joey Krehbiel of the Diamondbacks and Eric Hanhold of the Mets are still two names you ladies and gentleman need to look out for. Thank you.

JD Sig


  1. It’s sad to see, man. Moustakas was nothing short of phenomenal during his time in KC. I still think he can perform at an elite level with a playoff contending team if given the opportunity!


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