The Boss Is Back!

bossman jr

If you did not believe in a God of some sorts, that’s cool. There is a special someone who has made some non believers, believers again. Yesterday the former Ray/Brave Great “Melvin” Upton Jr. went onto MLB Network to discuss things (not really sure what) about baseball and he decided to let the world in a little secret.

No more will we be using that lame name Melvin to address the former Ray/Brave Great, he will be making the transition back to B.J.

The world has been a dark place these last four years. Waking up everyday talking about B.J.  and having to have that god awful name “Melvin” ring from my vocals every morning while I stretch to the sky but do not get very far due to my smaller stature. Now I will wake up with pride, ready to attack everyday like no one has ever done before. Ready to workout harder than Duece Gruden baby. Ready to fuck shit up. Who’s with me?

If you didn’t know, Melvin is his birth name but was given the nickname “Bossman Junior” after his dad was the O.G. Bossman. The reasoning sounds simple as Upton puts it:

You know what, it’s my wife, man, she said, ‘Melvin’ doesn’t sound right on TV and she wants me to go back to B.J.,” he said. “And everybody knows, happy wife, happy life. So we’re official. It’s cool.” Said Bossman Junior on MLB Network yesterday.

Always the fuckin’ wife. But in this case, what a woman. Someone better nominate her for some life changing award because B.J. is BACK.

Along with his appearance on MLB Network, B.J. did not mention a comeback to the playing field after getting an invite to spring training last year by the Indians but ended up getting cut. Upton did hint at a broadcasting career of some sorts saying this quote upon being asked about broadcasting:

“Yeah man. It’s fun,” Upton said of being on TV. “It keeps me involved with the game. I still know a lot of guys that are playing. It’s something I’m definitely looking forward to.”

So yeah. Get excited. If those pump up sentences up at the top didn’t get you going to absolutely dominate the day that is Wednesday today, then I’m not sure what will. Just know the next to you refer to the older Upton brother (B.J.) you refer to him as the correct name B.J.!!! THE WORLD IS BACK!! Rays better sign him because he can accomplish anything with that name!!

JD Sig

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