The LeBron/Golden State Narrative


The tides are changing and trends are starting to be revealed over time.  Bad guys becoming good and vice versa.  Ban wagon fans turning into the butt of the joke.  The slow realization of a generational talent and possible great of all time.

It has been surreal to witness the last decade of the NBA unfold but it may be safe to say we haven’t seen anything yet.  We are witness to not only the greatest basketball player of all time but arguably the greatest team of all time.

People have been hating LeBron James for as long as I can remember.  As if they were in denial of his presence and impact on the game.  Denial of his talent and denial of his unblemished resume off the court.  It is nearly impossible for a man or woman in that kind of spotlight to keep a clean reputation in today’s climate.  Social media makes light of every issue no matter the fucking size.  So the fact that Bron can have the impact he has on the court and still maintain his moral compass and family values off the court is admirable and something that is next to impossible.

Now lets talk about the bad guys.  The Golden State fuckin’ Warriors.  The team that found it necessary to sign the second best player in the world following a 73-9 season… The team that blew a 3-1 lead in the NBA Finals to the most feared man in the league and the Cleveland Cavaliers.  Arguably one of the most memorable and important series in the history of sports.  The Warriors are somewhat of a spectacle and extremely fascinating to many sports fans, including myself.  You have to respect their work ethic and talent but you can start to feel the narrative switch among the sports community and social media platforms.

It is difficult to resist reading the comments on a Twitter thread or Instagram post when Klay Thompson comes out to publicly trash LeBron and the Cavs even when he is posted up in LA focused on new challenges.  Hilariously, it was impossible to find not one single comment in support of Klay or the Golden State organization.  Rather a thread of trolls reminding him of the 3-1 blown lead or the fact they needed to add KD to an already super team in order to beat one single man on the court.


I understand that there is more to a narrative than Twitter comments, but it gives you a sense of where a large majority of people stand when it comes to a widespread perspective.  Not to mention the talk shows, the podcasts, and the actual media portrayal of these larger than life figures.

LeBron James had already won.  He brought a ship to the city of Cleveland and fulfilled his promise to his loyal fanbase.  I don’t care if he retires tomorrow, that mother fucker is a bad man.  He has accomplished things every player dreams of.  He has cemented his legacy as he has played among some of the best competition in the history of sports.  If Michael Jordan faced the Golden State Warriors, or Boston Celtics and the big three at any moment during his career, I don’t think his reputation would be of that what it is today.  Bold take? Possibly.  But no, it’s not.

In 2018 and beyond, the Warriors are the bad guys and LeBron is the good guy.  Who would of thought? While chilling in LA and attempting to revive a recently dismal franchise, he will have no pressure moving forward.  I am not alone when I say it would be fun as hell to see him outplay the Warriors and take over the West in the near future.  It is more possible than not as the collapse of the Warriors is inevitable.  Draymond’s slob ass is already combusting into an erratic and emotional liability and KD is fed up with the bullshit.

Look for the West to be shaken up in a big way in the next couple of years while the East is wide open for the taking.  Teams in the East are looking at this as a fresh start as LeBron has ended his reign among them all.

Thanks for reading and be nice to each other.

Nick Sig

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