All Aboard the Backup Train


The world is a crazy place. Very beautiful at times and other times a little dimmer. If you happen to be a Washington R words fan, I feel for you.

I’m a Cowboy fan kind of by default. My dad is a die-hard Cowboy fan somehow and I don’t really like football enough to get emotionally invested. So this news to me is actually good for the football team I prefer to watch but I never like to hear of news like this. I’m from Tampa, Florida, Oldsmar to be exact, shout out 813, that kid, but I never really liked the Bucs. Shout out to my boys also who are Bucs fans because the Bucs suck and get hyped up every year and do nothing with it. Nicky, I’m sorry.

Anyways back to the story. If you follow football, you will see the that the R words lost Alex Smith to a compound fracture a few weeks ago. For NFL great, Colt McCoy to take the reins. First of all, let’s talk about this scenario for a second. Washington never really had a backup plan after Alex Smith, obviously. Granted, there are not a lot of “good” back up quarterbacks out there. McCoy has a great college Resume finishing 2nd and 3rd in 2008 and 2009, respectively. Played a few seasons for the great Browns and never really gained any traction anywhere after that. Someone had to play for Washington and they chose McCoy. So what did McCoy do with his second start of the 2018 season, let alone on Monday Night Football? He followed suit sadly of his old companion, Alex Smith, and unfortunately fractured his leg. Tragic, yes. No one deserves that I don’t care who you are, maybe besides like a really bad human or someone who murders people for fun, but other than that, you cannot wish that upon anyone.

With Washington needing a backup for the backup, the week prior to that Monday night game, they went out and signed another all timer on the NFL quarterback list, no other than Mark Sanchez. I could probably keep typing about all the great things he has done but I’ll save that time. Sanchez came in and threw eggzactly 100 yards with no TD’s and one INT. Completing 13 of 21 passes for a dominating QB rating (QBR) of 13.3. So yeah. the Sanchize is back baby! Fast forward to today, Washington is now in the hunt for a backup for the backup for the OTHER backup. With so many good options out on the market, it has been a tough choice. Ultimately, Washington decided on signing the recently chosen first round draft pick of the San Diego Fleet of the Alliance of American Football, 32-year-old Josh Johnson. What a choice. This is the man who was called a “top-tier quarterback” by co-founder of the league Bill Polian. This is his exact quote:

“The quarterback position is critical to a team’s success, so we knew the importance of making sure each Alliance team had a top-tier quarterback at the helm.” Said Polian.

What a time to be a Washington R word fan. There is another quarterback still on the market that is most likely a better bet than both Johnson and the Sanchize, except for some reason, Washingtons  high morale standards are shockingly coming into play. God forbid they sign someone who has had problems with the league. (cough cough signing Rueben Foster cough fart). Yes the R words have problems after claiming a man who has been arrested TWICE in the past year, both being domestic violence arrests. Lotta weird shit going on but who are we to judge?

Anyways, it’s a beautiful day to be a Cowboy fan as the Redskins are still the NFC East hunt for a playoff spot, as is everybody in that god awful division, and now will have Mark Sanchez and Josh Johnson with the keys to drive the mini van into the sunset. Hoping for a safe recovery for both Alex Smith and Colt McCoy.

JD Sig

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