Back at it Again!


I’m telling you, Jerry Dipoto is the happiest man on Earth. The man was literally given the keys to an organization that is in full sell mode. For Dipoto, this is a dream come true given his addiction to trades. I’m sure there are a lot of complaints coming from other employees in the front office due to Dipoto’s pants being abnormally tight every single day. Besides that, he is a happy man and is back to his ways.

As of yesterday, the trade between the Mariners and Phillies became official. These are the details:

Mariners Receive:

  • Carlos Santana
  • J.P. Crawford

Phillies Receive:

  • Jean Segura
  • Juan Nicasio
  • James Pazos

The Carlos Santana signing last year never really panned out with Santana slashing .229/.352/.414 but still showed he can get on base by having more walks (110) than strike outs (93). Santana can play first and catcher and is owed $17 mil in 2019, 17.5 in 2020, and then a club option for 17.5 mil for the 2021 season. I figure he will get moved again, but who knows what over stimulated Jerry Dipoto has in mind.

J.P. Crawford is the headliner here for his potential. Crawford is a strange case here. The man had been a top prospect with the Phillies since he was a first round draft pick back in 2013, and has had success in the minor leagues, but cannot gain traction with his bat. Last season, through 49 games, Crawford slashed .214/.319/.393 with six doubles, three triples, three home runs, two steals and not having the best season in the field either. Crawford played both third and Short so there is some versatility to him. If Crawford can become anything close to the promise he showed earlier in his pro career, this could be a building block in the future for the Mariners.

The Phillies hundo p (hundred percent) won this trade. They acquire all-star shortstop Jean Segura, who slashed .304/.341/.415– which is a little weak of an OPS (.755) but Segura is a legitimate threat in the lineup everyday. The Phillies obviously did not get much production out of their short stop position last year, cycling through J.P. Crawford and Scott Kingery, so this should fill a well needed hole to be filled, both in the field and in the lineup.

Lefty pitcher James Pazos is no throw in. He is a harder throwing left hander who had a 2.88 ERA last year through 50 innings, and a WHIP of 1.24. With not many productive left handers in the Phillie bullpen, he is a huge upgrade. Other pitcher Juan Nicasio, had a scary 6.00 ERA last year but had a great strike out to walk ration of 53/5. Showing that there could be some potential in that right arm of his for a bounce back season.

The Phillies won this trade. The Phillies got rid of a bad contract and a highly questionable young player. What they got in return was an all-star shortstop, a great lefty reliever, and a throw in maybe decent right handed reliever. That actually was a great way to explain it in simple terms. I’m proud of myself. Anyways, the Phillies needed another bat to compete with the formidable force that is the Atlanta Braves who will always be the favorites to win the NL East. Yes, I know, last year the Braves were projected to maybe end up where the Marlins did, maybe not that bad, but still they didn’t have a lot of supporters. Your boy was one of them and they proved me fucking right. But the Phillies are gunning for that top spot and don’t be surprised if they add another big player this off-season. (cough cough Manny Machado cough cough).

JD Sig

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