President of Minnesota? Plus, Go Rockies


You would have thought he was getting a key to the city the way Minnesota’s fans were treating him Sunday.

The long time Minnesota Twin and former number one ranked quarterback coming out of high school, Joe Mauer I think got the idea that he was very much loved in Minnesota. It seemed like every time the man took a step, he was getting a standing ovation. Which isn’t bad, but is it over kill at any point? Not really, unless you hate when people look at you and applaud you every step you take. I deal with that problem everyday walking to and from work, to the grocery store or even when I’m going to the bathroom. That’s beside the point. Although he hasn’t yet officially retired, by saying “There’s a lot of different dynamics that go into it. I owe it to myself and my family to sit down and think about those things.” Mauer also said: “It’s interesting. It’s a big decision, and I want to make sure I’m 100 percent about it.” Meaning at there is a better chance of him NOT retiring than there is of him actually hanging it up. That last comment is huge. He has to be 100% sure he is ready to retire. Not 99 or 98%, hundo p. Maybe I’m reading alittle too much into it, but it came from the horses mouth.

Anyways, If Mauer does retire, he retires with the 4th most hits in Minnesota Twins history at 2,123 career hits, a career .306 average, leading the league three separate times in that category. Can’t forget about his MVP 2009 season where he hit .365/.444/.1.031- all three leading the American League- also with a career high 28 home runs and 96 RBI’s. Mauer, ever since he was called up, was always the player who scouts and everyone else in the world expected to eventually learn how to lift the ball and tap into some power hidden inside that body. Unfortunately, the baseball world kept waiting and waiting and it never reappeared after that MVP season. His permanent move to first base in 2014 somehow sapped him of all his power as he slugged over .400 only one other time the rest of his career. When it is all said and done, Mauer will finish with some nice accolades which are:

  • 6 time All-Star
  • 5 time Silver Slugger
  • 3 time Gold Glove
  • 3 career Batting titles
  • 1 MVP

Not a bad resume for a dude that had to live up to the hype given to him at such a young age. The man performed, and did it very professionally for 15 years. If this is good bye, Joe, it has been a pleasure and we baseball fans appreciate everything you have done for us. But, if this isn’t it, to all the million people reading this, you’re welcome on the little overview on his career.

P.S.- Congrats to the Colorado Rockies for being NL Wild Card Champs!! Colorado is a great state and deserves more recognition if for some reason it isn’t getting any. They put away the beloved Chicago Cubs in the longest NL Wild Card game, and longest Playoff game in history with the 4 hour and 56 minute affair. Once, again Congratulations the the Rockies and get ready for Rockies and Brewers NL Division Series Showdown starting tomorrow, Wednesday October, 4th. This post-season is going to be WILD.


JD Sig

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