No Fucks Given


Gotta love C.C Sabathia.

Still thuggin at the age of 37, and still hasn’t found any fucks to give anyone. Thusday afternoon the Yankees were blowing out the Rays 11-0 in the 6th inning. Teammate Austin Romine had a pitch buzz his tower high and tight in the blow out to which C.C didn’t take too kindly to. Barking from the dugout he seemed to be a little irritated.

What do you think an unhappy 6’6 300 pound man did his next half inning of work? He threw at the first hitter of the inning. In an 11-0 blow out. Hilarious. That’s not even the best part. In his contract, Sabathia had an incentive bonus of $500,000 if he would have just completed the next two innings, which he was well on his way to do. He had a one hitter going up until the point of ejection. Not only did he hit the dude, on his way off the mound, kudos to the fantastic camera man because he got a shot of Sabathia’s face and we got a glimpse of him pointing in the dugout saying “that’s for you, bitch.” ¬†Fucking awesome. Would you fuck with him? doubtful. Might want to throw him an apology blunt in his locker to stay on his good side.

I don’t think he really cared about that bonus. For his career he has only accumulated $226 million and has a salary of $10 million for this season. Money does not seem like an issue for Sabathia so that $500,000 he was set to earn based on his innings workload, I believe is irrelevant. Instead of the money, Sabathia obviously cared about his teammates more than 500k. Good teammate? I think YES.

For the 2018 season as a whole, Sabathia finishes the year having completed 29 starts through 153 innings, An ERA of 3.65 a WHIP of 1.31 along with 140 strikeouts. With the Yankees now 98-61, it seems to be they will be making the playoffs as a Wild Card team. Pretty crazy that a team with 98 wins makes the playoffs as a Wild Card team. But that just has this year in baseball has gone. Look for Sabathia to start the 3rd or 4th game or whenever he is needed.


JD Sig

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