Mayfield/Dorsey 2020


I’m making my bid now for the Baker Mayfield/John Dorsey ticket for the 2020 election.  The Browns have just won their first football game since December of 20 fucking 16… And it was glorious.

You would think Cleveland just won the Super Bowl the way that city was celebrating.  Ok, the city and I… 

Being a Browns fan is exhuasting but for me, it’s got to the point where it doesn’t make me mad anymore, I just embrace it.  

Have fun with it.  That’s exactly what you saw Thursday night when those Bud Light fridges were opened and the people of Cleveland were at the ultimate high.  The energy was as if LeBron just blocked Iguadala to cement himself and the 2016 Cavs in Cleveland history forever.  

That’s literally how happy these people were and only sports can do that.  It brings people together no matter many times you end up heart broken.  


Baker Mayfield is ready.  He is ready for the spotlight and as long as he gets some support from the talent around him then the sky is the fucking limit for the kid.  Antonio Callaway has Tyreek Hill upside potential and that’s just facts.  He taller than Tyreek and can burn any DB in the leaue.

This was a must win game for the Brownies and it really did revive the hope that Hard Knocks instilled into every Clevelander during the preseason.

Baker Mayfield will win more games this season and make the Browns relevant again.  Not to mention Myles Garrett and that stacked defense led by Gregg Williams.

Happy NFL season and be nice to each other.

Nick Sig

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