Nautical Films Partnership & The Nun Review: Video

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Crafthouse Cinema has now partnered with Nautical Films and we could not be more pumped about this.  They deliver consistent content that is perfect for any film nut and it all merges seamlessly with our brand and passions here at the Crafthouse.  Making Horror is one of the series that Nautical Films provides and as you can tell, we love us some horror.

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We recently went to a screening of The Nun with Ryan Sheets, who is the creator behind Nautical Films and we came to a conclusion that we were all idiots for not making this happen sooner.  And even better, we shot an episode of Making Horror that reviews the latest installment into the Conjuring universe.

The Nun review video is a perfect example of what is to come in the future and we are happy to share all of this content with you guys… for free.  Or head over to that Patreon if you feel we deserve some support.

Enjoy the newest video and stay tuned for much, much more content.

Be nice to each other.

Nick Sig

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