Sad Day. David Wright’s Final Appearance


I have posted about David Wright’s “comeback” about a full month ago, and the news of his future came today. The Mets will activate David Wright for their final home stand against the Marlins. The Mets are going to activate David Wright on September 25th and he will make his final, hopefully not, start of his career at third base on September 29th.

Tragic news. Wright has battled chronic neck and back issues as well as shoulder issues for years now and it appears it has finally taken it’s last toll on the third baseman. When asked about how his body has responded and the chances of him playing past 2018, Wright said this:

“The way I feel right now and from everything the doctors have told me, there’s not going to be an improvement, So, yeah, I don’t see that as a possibility.” Said Wright.

I can’t express it enough. This news is terrible especially for the man that is David Wright. He wants more than anything to be back out there playing at his highest level like he did 8 years ago, but his body just cannot take it anymore.

During his recent rehab stint, Wright has hit .171/.209/.195 with no home runs, ONE double, and only 7 total hits through 41 at bats. Just not the same. Wright, I’m sure, is doing everything physically possible for himself to try and get back to playing shape and still be somewhat productive. His body is just not allowing him. I could only imagine what it’s like to walk away from something he’s done his whole life, and at the highest level. Here’s the press conference from earlier this afternoon:

Super emotional. If you don’t feel some type of way for one of the best PEOPLE to grace Major League Baseball then you have almost no heart. It is clear this man has emotions and is speaking from his heart. After everything he has done for Met fans and Major League Baseball, you have to respect it and feel for him. Even if you aren’t a Met fan, be a baseball fan and try and understand what he has gone through for the past four years.

You hate to see one of the greats go out on a sour note, but the world doesn’t work the way you want it too. All we can do is thank him for everything he has done for the Baseball community as well as being a stand up human who just happens to play Major League Baseball. Not counting the could-be-final-game on September 29th, but Wright will wrap up his career with 1777 hits, 390 doubles, 242 home runs, 970 RBI’s, 196 stolen bases and a slash line of .296/.376/.491. Along with those numbers, Wright also holds numerous New York Met hitting records. Those include:

WAR for Position Players- 50.4

At Bats/ Plate Appearances- 5996/6869

Runs Scored- 949

Hits- 1777

Total Bases- 2945

Doubles- 390

RBI’s- 970

Walks- 761

Strikeouts :(- 1292

Singles- 1119

Extra Base Hits- 658

Runs Created- 1134

Win Probability Added- 30.2

Just to put it into perspective for you on how valuable this man was to the Mets franchise and to the game baseball. Thank you David Wright for everything you have done for kids growing up and setting a great example for future baseball players and people trying to make a difference in the world by just being kind and thoughtful to those around you. Thank you. Here is a tribute video of most, if not all, of David Wright’s great moments as a met:

JD Sig

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