How Bout Them Bucs


If I told you Ryan Fitzpatrick and the Tampa Bay Bucs would outplay Drew Brees and the New Orleans Saints in week one of the 2018 season, would you believe me?  417 yards through the air and 5 total fucking TD’s for the man Fitzmagic himself.  That beard looked glorious and so did the cannon connected to his shoulder.

The Bucs receivers looked great and they got absolutely fed.  Every single one of them.  DeSean Jackson went for 146 yards and 2 long TD’s and Mike Evans went for 147 and a TD grab as well.  Not to mention Chris Godwin, the next stud to break out, had himself a touchdown.

Brees, Michael Thomas and Super Kamario had themselves a day as they single handedly helped millions of fantasy owners destroy their opponents.  But the Saints defense could not handle the beard.  It was just too strong.

The Bucs have another tough matchup next week against the defending champs as they host the Eagles at Ray Jay.  If Fitzmagic can pull this one out of his ass, then we are looking real nice heading into the heart of the season with Jameis back… or not?

I still believe it is classic coach speak when they say his starting job is not safe, but I can almost guarantee that we see Jaboo under center week 4.

Go Bucs and be nice to each other.

Nick Sig

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