Ahead of His Time


Mac was a voice for a lot of people, including myself.  He spoke the truth about things not many dare to in the rap game.  Depression, anxiety, drug use, fear, self love, simple joys of life.  It was obvious to any fan that Mac had some serious demons that he was dealing with.  Demons that eventually took his life entirely too early.

I can’t even begin to explain how much of an impact Mac has had on people my age.  The funny thing is, it didn’t truly hit me until I heard the news earlier today.  The first thing that ran threw my mind was how many hours of my life were dedicated to listening and relating to his music in such a real way.

His music was an escape and a sense of hope among all of the hatred that has been boiling up.  He fucking came up on his own terms and carved a path that seemed impossible.  This dude is an inspiration and if you were lucky enough to witness his independent rise than you can fully understand how genuine and loving of a person he was.

Since high school, Mac has been a huge part of my life and I was not ready to let him go.  I was not ready for the emotions that came along with his death.  All we can do is rejoice around the love that he shared with us and learn from it.  Use his memories as fuel to better ourselves and the relationships that we have with the people around us.

No doubt in my mind, his music will live on forever and become better as the days go on.  You really don’t realize what you have until it’s gone and we lost a fucking legend today.

After dropping his best album to date and looking forward to touring the country yet again, he was ready to conquer his demons and give his fans more music and love.

Rest easy Mac, we love you.

Here are some of my favorite videos and memories of Mac Miller.  Enjoy and be nice to each other.

Nick Sig

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