The Nun


The hype is starting to get real as September 7th approaches.  Anyone who was a fan of either, “The Conjuring” series or the “Annabelle” series have now been anticipating the prequel to them all with “The Nun”.  This all seems pretty fucked up to put people through something like this because of how simply terrifying these characters and ideas are.  But horror is one of the most beautiful genres of film and expressions of art that we have for many reasons.

Whether it is religion, a specific set of beliefs or anything that may be abstract, the individuals behind these movies are people just like you, only they explore these thoughts and choose to manifest them on screen.  These writers, directors and team of producers have a vision and that vision is based off of what most people can’t even begin to think about or are just to afraid to do so.


Are there really supernatural spirits or 4th dimensional beings that have the power to affect me or you?  Is Zak Bagans from the Travel Channel a scam artist capitalizing on a hysteria brought on by cultures before us?  Or is he a visionary that can speak from experience and knowledge about a topic that most of us can’t wrap our heads around?

Either way, it’s fun.  It’s fun and it is actually therapeutic to a degree.  Fear is something that all of us can conquer and that is an understatement.  Some of you will find ways to use it for good and to further your own mind.  Horror films are a great place to start.

On that note, here are the official trailers for “The Nun”, set to be released September 7th.

Be nice to each other.

Nick Sig


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