Kenley Jansen and the Dodgers

Kenley Jansen of the Los Angeles Dodgers is said to miss more than a month due to irregular heart beat, according to ESPN’s second cutest reporter Buster Olney. Buster Olney is soft, but this isn’t about him. Can you guess who is first?

Not good timing by Kenley Jansens heart. Back in 2012, Jansen went through the same shit. Except he had surgery to address the issue. With Scott Alexander likely taking over ninth inning duties, it’s safe to say there have been better times over in LA. Not taking anything away from Alexander, he’s been solid this year over 52.1 innings. With a ERA of 3.27, it’s not a far cry from his 2.48 ERA he put up last year, but he’s pitched exceptionally well this past month, pitching to the tune of a 2.19 ERA with 13 strikeouts in 12.1 innings. The Dodgers need someone to step up, and if Alexander is the guy, the Dodgers cannot afford mediocrity at this point in the season.


In 2012, when Jansen was diagnosed with the irregular heartbeat, the Dodgers were not in the battle they are now in for a spot in the playoffs. The difference this time around is the Dodgers are in the thick of it to win the NL West. Currently, the Dodgers are TIED for the lead with the Arizona Diamondbacks with both having a record of 64-53. It would be a damn shame to see the Dodgers not make it this year, whether it be with a division title or making it as a wild card. They just need to get in. This year means a bit more because the Dodgers traded for the services of Manny Machado, giving up one of baseballs top prospects in the process, Yusniel Diaz. Especially if Machado becomes only a rental, it would be a total beta move by the Dodgers to not try and sign Machado a little longer. They would deserve the “soft” tag if they cannot get that done.

The Dodgers officially went all in this year. With the acquisitions of Machado and Brian Dozier, I can’t express it enough, it would be a DAMN SHAME if they cannot pull this off. With Kershaw showing diminished velocity, his four-seam fastball is at a career low right now averaging 90.0 MPH, Alex Wood just coming off the DL, and their bullpen thinning out by the day, the Dodgers need to figure their shit out before it too late. With seven total games left between the Diamondbacks and Dodgers, and the last 3 coming the last week of the season, this is sure to go down to the wire.

P.S- Credit to Beyond the Box Score for that Kershaw tidbit.

Go Braves

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  1. You know, you start to question if this year is the year to win it all when you have guys going down because of heart problems (instead of the usual TJ or ACL tear).

    BTW I’m not talking about the Dodgers, I’m talking about my fucking fantasy team…


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