Summer Heat: Must Listen Albums

Prior to this summer, the music game was beginning to become somewhat stale for me.  I haven’t found myself enjoying the majority of this new generation of young rappers just yet, but I think that may change when they stop rapping about xans and shit that was cool in high school.  I began listening to rap back in middle school when dudes like Lil Wayne and Young Jeezy had the game on lock.  These guys along with many others pumped out so much music and so many mixtape’s to the point where the game was never stale or lacking good sounds.  This summer though, has brought back some of the fire that was previously missing in recent months and years.

Wiz finally came through with Rolling Papers 2 and delivered a solid project that I was patiently waiting for.  Now, Travis Scott and Mac Miller decided to drop a project on the same day and let me be the first to say, thank you.  Two totally different sounds and two completely different vibes to crank with the windows down this summer.  ASTROWORLD was released on the 3rd and it is, in my opinion, his best work to date.  I have always actually been a fan of Travis and I think he continuously gets better and better.  ASTROWORLD delivers a hard hitting sound that is perfect for any occasion.


Then we have Swimming.  Mac Miller’s latest project was much anticipated after his breakup with pop star Ariana Grande and I can see why.  Mac clearly has been going through some shit and that comes out clear through his words on the album.  The smooth jazzy vibe to the project gives him a chance to show us what has been going on in his mind this past year or two.  He showcases his talents, his emotions and his hard work extremely well over this 13 track project.  You can tell he was inspired by the recent breakup and fans are embracing him for it.  People are literally thanking Ariana Grande for giving Mac the inspiration to pour his heart out and display just how powerful his music can be.


YG’s, STAY DANGEROUS dropped as well and I will definitely be mixing that in here and there but these two projects specifically, will be playing non-stop in my car for the rest of the year and most likely beyond then.  I encourage you to give them a listen with an open mind and positive attitude and let us know what you think.


Be nice to each other.

Nick Sig

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