Who is the Next Domino to Fall?

So I guess it’s July 30th… Meaning we have one more day until the MLB trade deadline is up, and there have already been some huge moves made.  We have seen the biggest move of the year in Machado getting sent to the other coast, now playing for the Dodgers. Mike Moustakas, long time Kansas City Royal, got moved to Milwaukee. Cole Hamels, formerly of the Texas Rangers, got moved to the Windy City to play for the Cubs, and Jeurys Familia formerly of the Mets make the move to the west coast to pitch for the Oakland A’s. Just a reminder of some other guys who were moved in the last week are:

J.A. Happ- New York Yankees

Asdrubal Cabrera- Philadelphia Phillies

Eduardo Escobar- Arizona Diamondbacks

Joakim Soria- Milwaukee Brewers

Ryan Pressly- Houston Astros

Zach Britton- New York Yankees

Brad Brach- Atlanta Braves

As you can see, a considerable amount of humans were moved to other teams already and the league is not done yet. With the Orioles and Twins looking like the biggest sellers at the deadline, there is a chance the New York Mets might also try to sneak in their and steal their glory. The Mets near future, to some degree, rides on these next couple days. With Jacob Degrom more so than Noah Syndagaard rumored to be moved, their last lifeline could be up with the team dealing one or the other. Of course the price is going to be hefty for either or. Let’s take a gander at the top 5 players to look out for to be moved in the next couple days:

1. Jacob Degrom- As mentioned above, Degrom has long been rumored to be on the move since the start of the off-season. However, Degrom has expressed his interest to stay in New York pretty openly even stating:

“We’ve been open to discussing long-term deals with the Mets,” DeGrom said, according to MLB.com’s Anthony DiComo. “There’s been no numbers discussed, and I’ve enjoyed my time here. … I would love it to be here with the Mets. We’ll just have to see what happens.”

Quote un quote from the man himself. However, he knows by now baseball is a business and nothing is promised when numbers start to get involved. If the Mets or another team sign him, they will be buying out the next two years of arbitration for Degrom. With the way he has been pitching this year, it seems it could be a shit ton of money. If you’re wondering how much a shit ton is, it’s more money than you and I could dream of having being little peasants walking this Earth. It could be smart for the Mets to commit to Degrom sooner before later and start to build a franchise behind him and Syndagaard, It is always hard for a team to sign a man long-term that is already 30 and probably in the prime of his career. Degrom does have time on his side as he only started to pitch his junior year in college at Stetson University. The Mets are known for doing some dumb shit like the signing of an old, ineffective Jason Vargas to a 2 year $16 million contract this winter. Along with the signing of Todd Frazier who hasn’t hit his weight since 2015. Don’t forget the signing of Anthony Swarzak this winter either after ONE dominant season. So if the Mets do trade Degrom away, don’t act surprised as they are prone to shit like this.

2. Chris Archer- Archer has been a name brought up in rumors since the end of last season. With the Rays not being able to compete with the likes of the Yankees or Red Sox in the A.L. East, they have no reason to not trade him for a few pieces to help them out in the near future. The asking price remains high on Archer, as it should, which may be why he has yet to be traded yet. Archer hasn’t done anything really to enhance his stock for the Rays by having another mediocre season with an ERA of 4.31 and a WHIP of 1.39. He sits at 3 wins as well, which is strange because the Rays are averaging 5.23 runs a game in which he starts meaning he is not putting the team in a good position to win. Archer does show potential “ace” stuff as he has complied over 200 strikeouts in 3 straight seasons and is on his way to a 4th. As a Rays fan, I pray to goodness gracious they get some type of great prospect in return, but they Rays have done dumb shit just like the Mets in their past. Ala designate their only threat in the lineup they had, Corey Dickerson, for assignment this winter. Which is backfiring as Dickerson is hitting .318 with an OPS (on base plus slugging) of .869. Good one.

3. J.T. Realmuto- After the Marlins did some renivating to their roster in the off-season, Realmuto voiced his opinion of being traded away. Somehow the Marlins did not get rid of him but with reason; the asking price. Relamuto is 27 years old in the prime of his career and is under team control until 2020. On top of that, according to Fangraphs, he leads all catchers and is 26th overall in WAR this season with a 3.6 mark. Realmuto is a player that can do it all as a catcher, so it makes sense the Marlins are being greedy asking the world for him. The Nationals have been linked to the Marlins, even offering their top prospect Victor Robles in a deal  for Realmuto, to which the Marlins declined. The Marlins could always offer Realmuto a contract extension and build the franchise around him for years to come. If not, don’t be surprised if a dark horse emerges or the Nationals budge under pressure and up their ante in the next two days.

4. Brian Dozier- The long time Minnesota Twins second baseman’s time could be up playing for the only franchise he has known. With the Twins in all out sell mode, sorry Joe Mauer, Doziers time could be limited. After trading Eduardo Escobar, and their best reliever Ryan Pressly, Dozier could be next. Dozier has expressed his interest in staying with the team in the winter to which all the Twins did was listen and not react. With the Twins record at 48-56, and looking like they are going nowhere fast, he could be the next domino to fall. Having a bit of a down year in the average department (.226),  his counting stats are there with 16 bombs 8 steals and 64 runs and looking for his 5th straight year with 20+ home runs. The Giants and Indians are two teams that have been linked to Dozier according to a report from the St. Paul Pioneer Press. No idea why the Giants would want him as they already have enough aging players looking to get paid for past accomplishments. And not to mention are one game below .500 and have to do pretty damn well in the next two months to compete for a wild card spot, but we have seen crazier things happen. The Indians are looking for an upgrade at 2nd base as Jason Kipnis is having another down year after tearing it up in spring training where the stats don’t count. Look for Dozier to be helping a contending squad after the deadline.

5. Josh Donaldson- This fuckin guy. The dude has barely played over the past two months due to ongoing problems with his left calf while rehabbing for a shoulder injury that previously put him on the DL in mid-April. The Blue-Jays obviously do not want to risk him getting even more hurt before they trade him and that’s why he has only been limited to 36 games this season. The MLB world knows what Donaldson is capable of, so there is no need to rush him back to the field to showcase him to other teams. With the Blue Jays pretty much out of the playoff hunt, they have nothing to lose by selling Donaldson for a few prospects as they look to start a rebuilding phase with prospects Anthony Alford and Vald Guerrero Jr. awaiting their call ups to start dominating the league on a regular basis. Since Donaldson is on the DL, Toronto will have to put Donaldson on waivers after the non-waiver deadline on July 31st, and will have to deal him before the August 31st waiver deadline passes. Any players dealt after August 31st are not eligible for the post-season, so look for a deal to get completed before August 31st.


Some other names not mentioned that have a chance to be moved are Mets starter Zack Wheeler, Tyson Ross, and basically anyone on the Orioles. This looks to be a fun week to be a baseball fan as rosters get scrambled and players find new homes. One question I do have, are you ready to see the Atlanta Braves in the 2018 Post-Season??

I forgot Minnesota was a state talking about Brian Dozier.

JD Sig

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