Can Ohio Handle Dez Bryant?

Is Hue Jackson the problem? That has nothing to do with this but always a valid question. The former Cowboy great that is, Dez Bryant, has been linked to the Cleveland Browns according to The Cleveland Plain Dealer. What a fit it would be. The Browns are putting together an actual football team that can compete this off-season and the addition of Bryant would only boost a receiver corpse that already has the physical specimen, Josh Gordon, Jarvis Landry from the Dolphins, and 3rd year wide out Corey Coleman.

There is said to be mutual interest between the two, and it could end up becoming a need if anything goes south with Josh Gordon. For the past week, there has been a lot of speculation surrounding the Browns star wide out when he sent out a collection of tweets stating he was going to miss the start of camp as it is “part of my overall health and treatment plan”. Also reassuring that this is all part of the plan by saying, “By continuing to follow the plan set by our medical director and his team and taking this time before the season starts” said Gordon, “we believe it will help me maintain the progress I’ve made for not only today but for many years to come.” Little weird, but who knows, whatever will help him pass a drug test and be ready for the season. Stay off, the weeeeeeeeeeeeeeed. Shout out to the continuously annoying, Stephan A. Smith.


The addition of Bryant could be a security blanket option for the Browns just incase something bad does happen to Gordon. Bryant could outperform Corey Coleman, if Gordon is ready by opening night and ends up lining up opposing Gordon with Landry in the slot. Forcing Coleman as the 4th option, which they could be doing a lot worse if that happens. According to my NFL Insider, we’ll just call him Nick, he believes the Browns will line them up in different spots all throughout the season with no set-in-stone spot on the field. Or of course, Dez can be more worried about some Pre-Madonna shit and how no one respects him or how he deserves more money and ultimately loses focus of the actual football game he’s supposed to be playing.

But, I have been a Dez believer since day one, and even though he might have lost a step or two, he can still go up with the best of them in the red zone and bring one down. Plus, with the incentive of a prove it deal at this point in his career, money is always a motive for players to ball out. Stay tuned for this intriguing story line that I’m sure will last all the way up until training camp. Maybe Dez shouldn’t have gotten greedy and accepted the Ravens offer early in the off-season.

Where’s Jon Gruden?

JD Sig

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