Altered Carbon Renewed for 2nd Season: Who Will Star as Takeshi Kovacs?


Altered Carbon has been renewed for a second season and there is a twist.  As expected Joel Kinnaman’s version of Takeshi Kovacs has now been succeeded by another prominent actor ready to take on the challenge.  Anthony Mackie, responsible for his roles in Captain America and Detroit, will take over and offer his own spin on the character.  Altered Carbon deals with different time periods and locations as Takeshi Kovacs’ story is told through many different body’s (or sleeves if you are familiar with the show).

This announcement has me pumped because Mackie is going to absolutely kill this role.  He has the face, the voice and the acting chops to pull it off.  The first season was extremely entertaining and visually satisfying to say the least and I expect the next season to be that and much more.


I highly recommend watching the first season before reading too much about these new developments, because it is much better to actually understand the background behind this insane story and what Altered Carbon actually represents.  As you may have noticed, this series dives into a number of wild topics and themes, such as life, death, mortality and religion.

So stay tuned for more news and content and as always, be nice to each other.

Nick Sig

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