The Tiger Effect

I apologize if you happened to miss the show this past weekend when Tiger Woods was atop the leaderboard fighting for his first Major victory since the 2008 U.S. Open at Torrey Pines.  You remember, the ridiculous 12 foot putt on 18 that sent it to a playoff? Yeah, that one.  Well anyway, if the story about the bartender working at the course making 3x the amount she has ever made when Tiger rolled through playing a tournament a couple weeks back isn’t enough to convince you that the game needs him, then let me explain further.

This past weekend, the British Open had one of the biggest spikes in ratings ever, as it was up 37% from last year when Spieth took it home, according to USA Today.  Coincidence? Probably not…

Tiger held the lead on a Sunday in his signature red shirt and the people were hyped up.  The energy was back and it showed through every angle and perspective.  Whether you are rooting for him to return to greatness or fall back to where he was this past decade, the eyes were on Tiger.

The 147th Open Championship

He is the reason half of us began watching in the first place and are continuing to watch today.  Through all of the bullshit, we are still here hoping to see a man overcome his demons and come out stronger than ever.

If this weekend was any indication of what is to come, then count me the fuck in.  I was personally already invested in the future of the PGA due to studs like Jordan Spieth, Ricky Fowler and Justin Thomas taking over but if Tiger can return to the top, then things will get very, very interesting.

Stay tuned for more content and cool shit. And be nice to each other.

Nick Sig


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