Rolling Papers 2: Is the Old Wiz Back?

Finally.  After seven long years since it’s predecessor Rolling Papers came out, the second installment has finally been released and Wiz’s fanbase (Taylor Gang) could not be more satisfied.  As someone who has been on the Wiz bandwagon since mixtapes such as Flight School and Kush & OJ, it is safe to say that he put some extra time and effort into this project and god damn was it worth the wait.  Wiz delivers and hits hard on that signature spacey, stoner vibe that simply cannot be replicated.  Along with a few bangers and smooth R&B tracks, there is truly music on this album for everyone.  Not to mention he threw 25 fucking songs on there as well…


Wiz grew his fanbase throughout the past decade through numerous underground mixtapes and commercial albums but people can’t help but to compare his new music with the classic stuff that he dropped as a young hustler.  Kush & OJ dropped in 2010 and offered a sound that was ahead of it’s time in so many ways.  It became an instant classic, even when stoner rap was never taken too seriously in the industry.  He carved his own lane and people embraced him for it.

So with that being said, it has to be challenging to hear so many people wish for the old Wiz.  Me though?  I embrace change and growth and Wiz has done nothing but grow his sound, his ideas and his mindset.  He experiments and sets trends nearly effortlessly.


And even through all of that, he delivered a 25 song masterpiece nearly a decade after being in the game and you can’t do anything but respect it.  Wiz’s sound is most definitely not for everyone.  He is not a technical lyricist that will have you questioning life itself, but he offers such a unique sound and positive vibe that is hard to find nowadays.  With fuckers like Tekashi 69 and Lil Pump taking over the young generation of “Rap”, I am truly worried about the future of Hip-Hop and clout chasing.  Reason behind why we need guys like Wiz to see through all of that bullshit and offer us something pleasant and positive to listen to.

Rolling Papers 2 offers tracks that bring you back to those Kush & OJ days, such as “Bootsy Bellows” or “Holyfield”, as well as giving you something fresh and new, like the songs “Hot Now” or “Mr. Williams”.  It offers us some old Wiz and some new Wiz and that is why I believe it is such a special project.

Here are some of the standout tracks on the album, and if you support Wiz then go download the album for yourself and enjoy.

Be nice to each other.

Nick Sig

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