Barry: Bill Hader at his Best


As a life long fan of Saturday Night Live, Bill Hader has to be one of the most iconic character actors to come through there and eventually move on the bigger and better things. Hader’s new show Barry on HBO is just that. He clearly took his knowledge and creativity from SNL and used it to create one of the most uniquely funny, thrilling and entertaining shows of the year. Like we are taking a step into his mind all while watching him give the performance of his lifetime. I felt as if I were watching him win an Emmy through the entire ride.

Never have I experienced a show like this for many reasons. The almost satirical nature of the writing, but extremely vivid story telling and character development seemed to create a world we didn’t even know we wanted to be invited into.

Barry (Bill Hader) is a war vet that came home to nothing, only to be recruited by a family friend to become a hitman due to his experience with violence and killing. The show opens with Barry being ordered to take out a small time actor in LA, but ends up meeting the soon to be victim and questioning everything about himself and the life he ended up choosing. Barry falls in love with the art of acting as he meets a group of people in the acting class that his target was apart of. The conflict arises when the gangsters that ordered the hit find out this information. Chaos ensues and the hilarity along with it.


This is a 4 star show that is most definitely worth your time, as most HBO shows tend to be. I can’t wait to hear more about a new season in the future, but until then stay tuned here and keep an eye out for much more content as were are continuously growing and experimenting with new ideas.

Be nice to each other.

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