Do Jesus Aguilars Teammates (Ryan Braun) Not Respect Him?

As seen with Chris Archer with Blake Snell, Chris Archer seems to love and respect his fellow pitching mates. Why wouldn’t at least Ryan Braun not vouch for Jesus Aguilar? They both play first base, Braun has had front row seats to Aguilar’s All-Star campaign and he still has not came out and make a stand. All the bullshit Ryan Braun has gone through all these years by getting some dude fired for doing his job the right way, you would think he would do his due diligence to get his reputation positive again by letting the world know he loves his teammates. I hate to do this to Braun but someone has got to step up on that Milwaukee club and vouch for their boy Aguilar. Is this Ryan Braun’s fault? Probably not, are we still putting him on the hot seat? Hell ya.


But it’s not his fault entirely because the “fans” are the ones who vote for the position players. Since everyone who voted didn’t pay attention to Aguilar’s .302/.370/.634 triple slash, he didn’t get the respect he deserved. The man LEADS the National League in home runs with 24, one in front of Colorado’s Nolan Arenado coming into play Saturday, he’s SECOND behind on Cincinnati’s breakout star 3rd baseball Eugenio Suarez in RBI’s and he LEADS the National League in slugging percentage with a .634 clip. Unreal for a guy who didn’t start the year starting at any position for a surprisingly really good Milwaukee club.

Something needs to be done with the guy’s who deserve to get in that don’t get in. Either the managers need to come out and say something, overrule the fans, or they need to do something about the fan vote. Along with Braun being on the hot seat, I’m officially putting the fans of America right there with him. Are there any REAL fans left in the game of baseball? Questionable.

JD Sig

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