Was Blake Snell the Biggest Snub This Year? Let’s Ask Chris Archer..

The answer is yes. Actually, fuck yes. The man pitching for my hometown Tampa Bay Rays, the greatest baseball franchise to ever come to Tampa Bay, was snubbed of his original ticket to get into the 2018 MLB All-Star game. One of the biggest snubs in probably the last decade all because he plays for a team almost no one cares about.

If you use Twitter, which I don’t, Chris Archer basically told the whole world who he thought should be in the all-star game, including some facts that a lot of people wouldn’t consider unless told otherwise.


There you have it. Can’t really get any more clear than that. The man had a 2.09 ERA at the time of the all-star vote, 2.09!!! let me remind you that he led the American League at the time with that and only 6 days later, he’s a lowly 3rd only behind the great Chris Sale and Corey Kluber, who were 1 and 2 in last years American League Cy Young voting. Truly amazing for a man pitching for the 24th ranked offense in runs scored with 12 wins somehow. As Chris Archer said, the players vote in a very archaic way with paper and pen/pencil still, which has got to change, but it doesn’t have anything to do with the brains of the players not voting the players that deserve it. Even though he is averaging 4.17 runs a game of support from there scary ass offense, that C.J. Cron is the star of, that still does not take away form what he has done this year so far.

RAYS UP!!!!!!!!

JD Sig

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