What LeBron to LA Means for LBJ Truthers

It’s official. LeBron James has moved his family and his legacy out west to the city of angels. The move has sent shockwaves throughout the NBA as teams have begun reconsidering their approach to the 2018-2019 season. The East is now wide the fuck open and the West now consist of multiple All Star teams. PG13 is staying in OKC and Boogie went to The Bay for 5 mill… for some reason. Sure it may have been the best personal move for the recently injured big man, but really? The fucking Warriors?

So what does this move mean for LBJ truthers? It means the same as it did when he took his talents to South Beach. We will all go with him. As a LeBron truther AND Cleveland fan myself, let me explain exactly what that means. It means in my eyes, he is the GOAT. Simple as that. He is the reason I am a basketball fan and even began watching it in the first place. He is by far the most impressive athlete I have ever watched play a professional sport and it is not even close. The truthers have a big role in how he is perceived throughout the world and they tend to recognize the things that haters are blind to and are in complete denial of.

The fact that one man can strike so much fear into an entire league to the point where a super team is the only thing that can dethrone him is fascinating. He has single handedly dominated the East for so many years to the point where some can argue that the NBA seems legitimately broken as a result. The media won’t even award him another MVP award because they got bored of him winning it… He throws the kilter off to such an extreme amount to where a world-class player like Kevin Durant justifies a decision in his own mind to leave OKC and Russ Westbrook to join a team that broke the single season win record the previous year. Think about that.

As a Cavs fan, this sucks. As a Bron fan, good for him. Go post up in LA for the rest of your career, support your family and don’t think twice about it. You deserve it and I would do the same shit if it were me. Don’t chase the rings anymore; you have nothing left to prove. You are the greatest basketball player to ever play the game and people will never understand exactly what they are witnessing until he is gone. That is the unfortunate fact in all of this, but it is the truth.

Be nice to each other.

Nick Sig

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