Rumor Mill or Shit Spewing? Manny Machado Edition

What a time to be alive. The time of the year during baseball season where players in their contract years wonder if they’re going to have to find a new place to live and the media walks around with stiffy’s all day because they have something to write about. Rumors are funny. They haven’t changed since middle school. It’s people that think they have the “inside scoop” into something when really they’re trying to have mud stick to a oil coated wall. I find it hilarious when you read up on some big J journalist acting like he has the nuclear codes to the MLB trade market. Yet, we still read them and give him the power he is seeking.

This year is a big year for baseball. One of the games best young players, Manny Machado, who was drafted 3rd overall in the 2010 draft, has called Baltimore his home for the baseball season since then. He made his major league debut at the ripe age of 19 and it looks like these could be his final days playing for the Baltimore Orioles. With a slash line of .314/.385/.574 with 23 home runs already and 63 RBI’s playing for a weak lineup,there are a list of teams that have been linked to him but not a clear “front runner” yet. Some of the teams linked to him might not exactly NEED him, but you cannot pass up on generational talent that he posses. Here are a few of the teams that have been rumored to have interest:


  1. Boston Red Sox: Bit of a weird fit, but you cannot blame the Red Sox for going after a top tier talent. After signing J.D. Martinez to $110 million dollar contract this off-season and signing David Price to a $217 million dollar contract a few years ago, one wonders if they were able to get him, could they sign him long term? To play shortstop where Xander Bogaerts has made a home there for the past 5 seasons? Will they then trade Xander in part of the deal? Sketch.

  2. Milwaukee Brewers: The Brewers seem to be more realistic because they still have pieces left over to trade after they stole Christian Yellich from the lowly Florida Marlins. Brett Phillips, who seems to be the main trade chip being discussed, along with pitching prospect Luis Ortiz have been rumored to be involved with the trade. They currently do not have a permanent shortstop, which is why it makes more sense for them to trade for Machado, who has came out to say he WILL be playing shortstop on his next team (he does have experience at 3rd base where he played for a few years when JJ Hardy was manning SS). Only time will tell.
  3. Yankees: One way or another the Yankees always seem to weasel their way into the rumor mix. With Machado already coming out to say that he is ONLY playing shortstop, this is a bit strange with Didi Gregorius manning the shortstop position. You never know with the Yankees, so this could randomly come out to be something. Although, the Yankees do have top pitching prospect Justus Sheffield who the Orioles are interested in, but is that enough for the Orioles to pull the trigger?
  4. Phillies: Phillies seem like they still believe in their team having a chance to make a playoff push with them making a push for Machado. With power journalist Jon Heyman reporting the Phillies had a scout at one of Machado’s games, which is a stupid statement because everyone probably has a scout at the game watching, but this means more. Machado could easily slide right into shortstop, where rookie Scott Kingery and J.P Crawford are holding it down. Maybe one of them could be included in a deal. The Phillies do have the pieces to try and complete the trade, time will tell if they are able to put it all together.

I could sit/stand here and type about 10 more teams that have had scouts at Machado’s games but at that point, is it a real rumor or am I spewin shit? Tune in around July 31st, on the final day of the trade deadline to watch Manny Machado change the scenery of the MLB.

JD Sig

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