Suspiria: True Horror


As if we needed another reason to be excited about the direction that horror is heading… Suspiria is the latest horror film trailer to arrive that has me as pumped up as a CrossFitter talking about CrossFit.  Sometimes a good trailer is all a film needs to be successful in the box office, but this specific trailer had us so enthralled to the point where a November 2nd release date just seems too god-damn distant.  A remake of a 1977 classic, Suspiria takes us down a road that we never knew we wanted to be taken down.  A story so unique, dark and sinister that we can’t help but to be intrigued.

Continuously, I have made the argument that this new wave of horror is something to keep an eye on, because I truly believe that films like Get Out have paved the way for something special.  The slow burn and stylistic story telling that horror films have not been associated with too much in the past.  Of course, you have your standouts, such as The Shining or The Silence of the Lambs, but in the early 2000’s, it seemed as if the style was taking a bad turn.  Films like Hostel and Saw raked in the cash and box office numbers simply due to the extreme use of gore and shock horror.  Don’t get me wrong, there is room for all, but nothing has me as excited as the future of the horror genre.

Now, here is the latest trailer for Suspiria.  And as an added bonus, we will attach the 40th anniversary trailer from 1977… Enjoy.

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