Battlefield V: What’s New?

And right on cue… Merely days after the dramatic release of Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, EA DICE has now held their own massive event to reveal their new chapter in the Battlefield series; Battlefield V. Unfortunately, no battle royale mode was teased or revealed at the event hosted by Trevor Noah of The Daily Show. Random? Yes, but no. Trevor has made it known that he is a gamer just like the rest of us and has been playing Battlefield since the OG days. He sat down with the devs and the creative team behind the game to ask the questions that we all had in mind. You can watch that full video below.



So with no Battlefield V: Battle Royale mode, what exactly do they have in store for us? A lot, actually. We are being taken back to where it all began – World War II. This has the majority of the community extremely happy and excited to see how it all plays out. What else is new? No Premium Pass. Halle fucking lujah. Even though they will be releasing it for the original pricing of 60 bucks, we will not have to fork out the rest of our rent money to have access to all of the content.

There is plenty more to know, such as a brand new set of cosmetics, new weapons, maps and game modes; but it is better left to see for yourself. So without further ado, here is the official reveal event video and trailer for Battlefield V. Enjoy.


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