Electronic Sports: The Inevitable Takeover?

eSports is the future. Quote me. If you scavenge your way through the dark abyss that is the comment section on Twitter, you will find the majority of people doubting what is, in my opinion, inevitable. They say these gaming “athletes” are simply bums in a basement playing a stupid video game. To a point, they are right. But what they do not take into account is the time and the mental excursion a game like Fortnite, PUBG or League of Legends asks of you as a player. If you want to be the best of the best, then you have to grind. Bottom line. And just like every other sport, some players are more talented or gifted than others; but hard work and time can conquer talent if talent doesn’t work hard.

Coming from one of the most animated sports fans out there, I believe Ninja and the new Fortnite phenomenon is just the tip of the iceberg. You think he is big now? He is just getting started. What is currently happening is much bigger than anyone can imagine. We are currently witnessing the transition of the once underground eSports community into a global, competitive powerhouse of a gaming industry.


The gaming world has been massive for a long time and has been continuously growing and expanding. But just now, is it becoming public knowledge and a subject of conversation among people of all ages. ESPN and large corporations all over the world have taken notice and are now implementing all new strategies and marketing schemes to cater to that audience.

I can see it now. The largest arenas filled with thousands of fans watching a Battle Royale match between 100 of the top players and content creators in the world. The amount of money and exposure that would create would be on a different fucking level, I do not doubt it for one second.  The beginning is already here, as KEEMSTAR has begun hosting his own Fortnite tournaments every Friday. The format is amazing and extremely entertaining but lacks the structure of a professional competitive system implemented by Epic Games itself. That is soon to come though, believe me.

HypebeastThe eSports industry is about to skyrocket into the mainstream conversation and bring in a massive amount of viewers and of course, money. So sit back and watch me be right… again. I love you all and as always; stay tuned for more content and be nice to each other.



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