Avatar Flight of Passage: Earning My Grog Ale

Avatar Flight of Passage is the best theme park ride I’ve ever experienced. Imagine the best aspects of Soarin’ combined with the adventure and thrills of Star Tours and you will have a pretty good idea of what Flight of Passage brings to the table.First of all, if you don’t have a fast pass, don’t worry. While the walk to the back of the nearly 2 hour line will make you question the choice — go for it. The good news: the line is almost constantly moving and if you are like me, it’s better to be in a 2 hour line that moves than a 1 hour line that doesn’t. Plus, it is one of the most enjoyable waits you’ll ever experience as it winds you through the floating mountains of Pandora then deep through their cavernous layers until you finally make it in a science lab full of little (and not so little) spectacles. Once you make it through the line you mount a high-tech seat like you would those motorcycle racer games in an arcade and a support automatically closes on your lower back. At this point you put on your mysterious (3D?) goggles and as the screen in front of you comes to life so does your seat; you can actually feel the banshee breathing between your legs.Screen Shot 2018-05-10 at 4.49.50 PMThen the ride begins. You swoop and soar through a Pandora as detailed and beautiful as any visuals on any ride I’ve ever seen. The amount of rendering that must have gone into it is mind numbing. At one point you avoid a massive shark monster thing that jumps from the water only to find yourself then flying through the tube of the wave that the splash created. At another point, your banshee rests for a moment in a cave that goes from dark and desolate to illuminated and full of life. By the end, you’ve experienced what felt like all the different climates of Pandora until you settle in to watch a gorgeous setting sun over the oceans of the alien planet. Awesome.So that was it. I felt I had earned my Hawke’s Grog Ale and Kate had earned… this thing.Hayalovay! (see you next time in Na’vi)


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