Hereditary: Good Luck

It didn’t take long to find another horror film trailer that may just further prove that this genre is heading in a very exciting direction. Hereditary seems like another slow burn of ominous story telling and horror that will be extremely interesting to see unfold in the theater. The death of the family matriarch begins to unravel a mysterious past and darkness that has everyone questioning reality and uncovering secrets about their ancestry.

The reason this one has my attention is because this is a directorial debut passion project for a young writer/director named Ari Aster. Are we witnessing the rise of another heavy hitting horror mastermind?

Hereditary made a huge splash at the Sundance Film Festival and even had Ben of The Reel Movies Podcast claiming it was the “scariest movie he has ever seen”. Matt, Kate and Ben also discussed this in our very own Episode 11 crossover podcast.

Hereditary comes out in theaters June 8th of the year.  So get ready because this should be a hell of a summer, and if you see this in theaters… then best of luck to you.  Here is the latest trailer…


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