Sicario 2: Day of the Soldado

If you were a fan of the first, you have been anticipating the next.  Sicario 2: Day of the Soldado is one of the most talked about upcoming films of the summer and I am personally hyped about this one.  Even though the original made over $50 million in profit, people were still surprised when they announced a sequel.

I can’t lie, I have somewhat of a bias against sequels.  For the most part, they are an attempt at making a quick buck off the back of an earlier, successful film.  Nothing wrong with that but I feel the intentions behind the majority of sequels are not artistically and passionately driven.  Therefore, the creativity is sometimes hindered as sequels will most often focus on the special effects or the over the top story telling that is just clearly trying too hard.

I do NOT think that will be the case with Sicario 2.  It looks as if the creatives captured that same feel/vibe but are just continuing the captivating story that was set for us in the first film.  Also, with a killer returning cast of Brolin and Del Toro, accompanied by an intense storyline; this one is due for a big opening as well.

Set to be released June 29th of this year, here is the latest trailer for Sicario 2:  Day of the Soldado.


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