Westworld’s Season 2 Premiere: What Happened to the Samurai?

Westworld’s Season 2 Premiere satisfied my curiosities regarding every major storyline except one: what happened to the samurai? Last season ended in a riotous rebellion of robot revenge, during which, a few of our dysfunctional droids (or finally functional depending on whose side you are on) pass by some synthetic samurai warriors.

I like to imagine that they will wait a few episodes to allow us to forget about this subtle yet major implication from the season one finale, then, right when we think our favorite automatons are cornered and facing extinction, a wave of samurai swoop in to save the day, storming the human subjugators in a flurry of arrows and katanas.

My disappointment in this particular development aside, the premiere set up some very interesting storylines. And considering the complexity of the primary host’s “path-to-consciousness” storylines — Delores, Maive, Teddy — I found the “Man in Black’s” new quest to be refreshing in its absence of ornamentation. Simply put, he is finally playing the game he loves, the game he has spent the last 30 years becoming the best at, for keeps.

What did you think? Were you satisfied? Which developments did you find most compelling? How do you think the samurai will come back into play?



  1. We just watched this last night. Amazing. It was a roller coaster for sure. I think watching the last episode of season 1 right before the new episode had me curious about the samurais too, but something else had me hung up was the logos on the wall when they were seeing all the samurais… they all had “SW” instead of the “WW.”
    Is there a Samurai World? Is it South World another branch of the park? Santa’s Workshop?

    I’m also verrrry intrigued to see how Bernards character plays out with his awakened mind and will he become some sort of kingpin because he’s blended among the others?
    And wasn’t there some part where someone was looking into Maives code and saw that ‘Arnold’ had changed it and programmed her to start recruiting the other hosts to help her get out?

    Some of the other behind the scenes stuff actors had mentioned that the show is going to take your perception to new levels, meaning what I think is probably going to be some more huge bombshells.

    The man in Black has his challenge now and he also found the entrance to his maze…

    I’m so pumped to see where it goes from here


    • I assume Samuraiworld or Shogunworld? I like Santa’s Workshop better though.

      #wokebernard running shit as a kingpin would be beautiful.

      Will have to hav a second viewing bc I didn’t catch that about Maive!

      #maninblack is back


  2. Ermagherd it’s gonna be an awesome season, the Maive thing i believe was either the last episode of the last season or sometime in this one.

    The other thing was when they found the tiger being from somewhere else and was way off of where it should be…

    We’re giving it a second watch tonight there was so much that happened!


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